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ACC RANCH: Assisi's Country Critters

A Tribute to St. Francis of Assisi

"My goal in life is to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am..."

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ACC Ranch, Animal Breeders, Peyton, CO


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Funny how life happens...When we moved here 15 years ago and started this breeding business we had no clue where it would take us, and all the fabulous people we'd meet! What an amazing journey it has been. Now it's time for our next chapter. We are making a pretty big move from Colorado to Minnesota in June 2016 (YES, that is coming up soon!!!) We will still be breeding, but not nearly to the extent that we currently are. AND, we'll be taking a little break for awhile. You WILL continue to hear from us thru newsletters.

We have found some wonderful breeders that you should be able to continue to work with. As these breeders have puppies, we will let you know, as we have been doing for the past 15 years. Again, thank you for making this journey such a memorable one!

Denise at Tibetan Terriers with Love in Golden breeds fabulous pups, and will be breeding Tibetans and Ttoodles..she can be reached at Tibetan Terriers with Love


& Welcome to



BT & Hammer are proud to announce the newest litter of Ttoodles, born on November 21, 2015, and will be ready for their new homes mid January 2016

These puppies should be in the 25-30# range full grown.

These pictures were updated on January 11, 2016

The Girl

SOLD & Congrats Barbara from Colorado

The Boys

Blue Collar Male...SOLD

Green Collar Male...SOLD & Congrats Pat & Laura from Alamo, CA

Black Collar Male..SOLD & Congrats Theresa

Red Collar Male...SOLD & Congrats Sam

The prices on these puppies is: Male $1485, Females: $1485

The list for this litter of Ttoodles:

Barbara from Colorado...The Girl

Learn more about the Wait Lists

The list for an ACC Ranch Ttoodle:

Kathy & Bruce from CA.. Spring 2016

The Ttoodle Moms




The Ttoodle Dads

Irish, our FABULOUS Ttoodle Stud!


And, here's Duke

This is ACC's Duke of the Basin, we call him Duke...a marvelous little Black and White Mini Parti poodle that carries many colors...he will be a wonderful stud for PooChons, Mini Whoodles, and Mini Poodles ..

The prices on these puppies is: Males $1485, Females: $1485.

(Updated April 24, 2013)

A mini ttoodle is a cross between a mini Poodle and a Tibetan Terrier. The Dam is a mini poodle and weighs about 12 pounds, the sire is a Tibetan who weighs about 20 pounds. These little guys should be adorable, totally non shed, very smart, HYPOALLERGENIC AND HAVE THE HYBRID VIGOR...learn more...Heterosis Effect.

All of our puppies come pre-spoiled and socialized, tails docked (where required), shots, worming, a 2 year health guarantee, a puppy care packet (small bag of food, collar, litter towel, first toy, health records, and lifetime puppy support from ACC Ranch!

Since we have such a high demand for the Ttoodles (Tibetan Terrier Poodle cross, we have decided we will breed Small, Medium and Standard Ttoodles over the next few months. Our Tibetan (Irish) is a fabulous stud, throws wonderful color and is capable of breeding any size poodle....to receive puppy announcements, please send us an email.

The Tibetan Terrier:

Sweet, gentle and loving, the Tibetan Terrier is lively, mild, and fun. This is a brave, intelligent, medium-sized dog and is a particularly good watch dog. The Tibetan Terrier has great agility as well as endurance. This is an ancient breed that has contributed to the development of all other Tibetan breeds, from the Shih-Tzu to the Lhasa Apso, including the Tibetan Spaniel. Originally bred by Tibetan monks, it was considered to be "lucky" and dogs were often given as gifts, but never sold.

The Miniature Poodle:

The Miniature Poodle is a cheerful, super smart, sensitive and highly trainable companion dog. The breed is great at learning tricks, and a favorite in the circus ring. The Poodle will love being a part of family activities. He is very amusing and clever. Many owners feel this dog understands speech in an uncanny way.

Technical stuff:

Process for getting on the list for these puppies is as follows: A $450 non-refundable deposit is required to reserve the puppy or to be put on a wait list.

Learn more about the Wait Lists

When the puppies are 5 weeks old we do temperament testing then review the results with you to make sure you are getting the right puppy..if you are local you are more than welcome (in fact, we encourage it) to come pick out your puppy. You will be picking out your puppy in the order that deposits are received. Once you have selected your puppy, a total of 50% down is due, the balance plus shipping (Shipping generally runs around $425.00 including everything...Crate, Health Cert, Airfare, etc) is due at least 10 days before your puppy is to be shipped.

WE WILL ACCEPT PERSONAL CHECKS and Money Orders, however, both will require a 10 day hold. Only a US Postal Service Money Order will not require a 10 day hold. Please email or call for information, as we won't let someone put down a deposit that we have never talked to. PLEASE make certain your check or money order arrives a minimum of 10 days before shipping date. If picking up your puppy in person, PLEASE BRING CASH FOR FINAL BALANCE.

We do allow people to visit with their puppy after it is 6 weeks old if you live within driving distance. We do NOT allow puppies to go home before they are 8 weeks old.

NOTE: Please print two copies of our Contract , sign them and mail them with your deposit. All deposits are NON-refundable, but can be transferred to a future puppy.

***NOTE: The availability of shipping via the airlines is dependent on weather conditions, so please make allowance for delays in shipping during winter weather IF your puppy couldn't fly due to airline's canceling flights from weather or whatever and you become downright disrespectful/nasty... we will ADD our gas fee of $50.00 to your bill before we go back to the airport for a reshipment. The night before shipping we prepare the kennel, your puppy packet, bathing your puppy and making sure all is alright, then often having to get up in the middle of the night and head to the airport spending a minimum of 5 hours on the road. You can imagine our disappointment when we return home with your puppy. This does not always happen but can happen due to sudden weather changes, airplane malfunctions and so forth.

Let us know if you have any other questions, thank you for visiting our site.

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ACC RANCH: Assisi's Country Critters

A Tribute to St. Francis of Assisi.

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