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Ranch Rules AND WHY!

2012 UPDATE!

So, as we all know, anything we do in life is a learning experience....NO MORE PUPPIES are born in the house...they now have a wonderful whelping barn that is located less than 20 feet from my front door.....each whelping area is plenty big for a Momma and her puppies, each indoor run has it's own outdoor 10 x 10 run, complete with doggie doors that are double insulated and double flapped.....puppies and Mommas are only allowed on their cement run, so no more dirt or grass. You see, cement can be bleached!

No one is allowed inside ANY of the buildings (please know, this is for the health and safety of the puppies and our puppies are even allowed in the house until they are 6 weeks old...again, for their health and safety..

Here are the advantages:

Puppies are doggie door trained by their Mom

All puppy areas are totally secure, you can not bring anything into their areas


OK, mid summer 2011 we once again changed our rules.....ask me how if you would like to know, but remember, our job is to keep our dogs and puppies safe! When you visit the Ranch there will be places that you are not allowed to go, please understand why. Thanks in advance and we DO look forward to meeting you!

As of January 13, 2011, we have really strengthened our Ranch Rules. Now, please understand why we have taken these measures. On December 31, 2010 someone brought PARVO into our property and into our home. For those of you that don't know, PARVO is a deadly puppy disease, often referred to as the 'Puppy Killer Disease'.

PARVO is a breeder's nightmare. The incubation period for this nasty viral infection is 4 to 14 days...and you don't know you have it until you see a sick puppy! That being said, on January 13, 2011 I noticed 2 puppies that weren't their normal puppy selves...they were quiet, and their stool were very loose. I took them to the vet, and it was determined they had PARVO.

So, at this time we had to treat 30+ puppies for PARVO, each puppy DID get it, they all had different levels of the disease, and they all came down with it within 6 days of seeing that first sick puppy. Although we run a very clean kennel operation, especially the basement where the puppies are, I did not change clothing, shoes, etc as I was going from puppy pen to puppy pen to clean, feed and play with puppies.

We DID lose puppies during this period, mostly the little ones that were 2 & 3 weeks old...this experience has been devastating emotionally and financially...not only from losing our own puppies, but we reimbursed any new puppy owners that had to treat and/or hospitalize their puppy. The thing that kills puppies with PARVO is dehydration...I was up every night at 1 or 2 A.M. to subque all puppies that were sick...So, now I take a different approach to puppies, changing shoes and smocks as I move from one litter to the next.

The day I learned we had PARVO on the property I felt it was my obligation to call all new puppy owners that had taken a puppy home anytime after December 31...that was 12 puppies that had gone to their new homes. I asked each of the new puppy owners to get a fecal sample to their vet ASAP...the only thing that can save a puppy that has PARVO is getting them the care they need very quickly. We told all new puppy owners that we would reimburse for any vet expenses due to the PARVO, had we only known we would have NEVER sent those puppies home.

We quarantined the ranch for 21 days, puppies were well before the 21 days were up, but because they still shed the virus for about a week after they are well, we didn't want puppies going to their new environment and spreading PARVO.

I share this story for several reasons...BREEDERS BE CAREFUL, you never know when it will happen to you. PUPPY PEOPLE, please be polite and honest with breeders when viewing their puppies, let them know if you have been out visiting any other puppies recently.

Once a puppy survives PARVO, that puppy develops an immunity to the disease.....and they ARE happy healthy puppies!


OK, so you are planning to visit ACC Ranch and we are excited to meet you. We do need to let you know our Ranch Rules:

ACC Ranch is NOT a retail outlet, all visitors are by appointment are coming to our home! We are very flexible with hours...just give us a call. We generally return all phone calls and emails the same day, if you don't hear from us, please give another call or drop another email. THANKS!

1. Our lives are about the animals, so if the house isn't as clean as you would like it and you say anything, we hand you a mop and a broom...I only wish someone would say something about my windows ;o)

2. Our front kennels get cleaned morning and night, the barns get cleaned every morning and evening, but do expect to see some say anything we hand you a poop rake.

3. Our dogs do not get groomed as much over the winter, so if you think they are too long, it's because they need their hair during the cold months.

4. If we have a litter of puppies that are under the age of 6 weeks we will not let you hold those puppies, it's for the safety of the puppy. Thanks for understanding!

5. Please wear grubby clothes, you are coming to a ranch,

6. IF you are here and there is an animal emergency, we will ignore you and pay attention to the animal, you have to make yourself to home!

7. IF you get the daily newspaper and would like to recycle, we could use your paper!

8. PLEASE tell us if you have been visiting other ranches, kennels, breeders, or pet stores the day you come to the ranch. There are many diseases out the that are highly contagious and we will need to take extra steps to protect our puppies.

Check out the links below, give a call or drop an email if you have any questions or if there is anyway we can help you. Meanwhile, thanks for visiting and enjoy the tour!

Let us know if you have any other questions, thank you for visiting our site.

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