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Meet a Bella, a Shichon

Oh Kathy...

I have totally fallen in love with this precious little puppy!

She is perfect... mischievous and endearing!

Vet gave her a clean bill of health (and a micro chip).



Meet a Ozzie, a Ttoodle

Hi Kathy!!

Hope this email finds you well! Not sure if you remember me. We got our ttoodle Ozzie from you about 6 years ago! Best dog ever!

So with two kids and work I totally have forgot the exact day of his birth. I am fairly certain today is his birthday, but I was wondering if you keep any sort of records?

We wanted to celebrate tonight. Here's a cute, recent pic of him!

Thank you and I hope all is well.

Nicole and Jared

Meet a Ricky, a Chonzer

Hi Kathy!

David and Melanie, here. Wanted to tell you how our little Chonzer, Ricky, is doing. He's sooo adorable and fitting in very well with my 2 cats and large labradoodle. My labradoodle thinks she's his mommy.

He's going potty on paper (we have stairs to the yard he can't do) and learned that trick really fast. He has learned "go to bed" which is a crate, and "out" (we keep him out of the kitchen). Soo smart!!

We hope to purchase from you again after he's grown and thinking of a ShiPoo. Maybe in the fall. Thanks so much for being a good breeder.

The picture is

Annie (labradoodle) Lucy and Ethel (the cats) and little "Ricky" our new baby

See? We need a "Fred" now.

God bless,

Melanie and David.

Meet a Nala, a Whoodle

Hi Kathy!

Merry Christmas. I just wanted to update you about how wonderful our Whoodle Nala (now 5 years old) has been. She is so loving and patient with my son. She has been such a great dog with a wonderful temperament.

She is sweet and loving and fun. I couldn't ask for a better dog!

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!


Meet a Auggie, a Chonzer

Hi Kathy!

Thought you would enjoy seeing a few pictures of our little Augie the Chonzer! She is quite the pup! Very bright, playful and sweet. She is about 10 1/2 pounds now and just got spayed. She has been housebroken for a little while now and rings bells hanging on our front door doorknob to tell us she has to go out.

Really, she is smart as a whip! Patti has taught her a few fun things and we've got her training overall going very well. She LOVES to romp and tussle with JJ the cat (a 5 year old Ragdoll breed who just loves dogs)). And Augie just LOVES playing with all her toys - she plays and plays with them but doesn't tear them up.

The first picture is from a trip to WI back around Aug 29th so she was about 4 months then. She likes riding in the bike basket but really wasn't too fond of the Doggles!

The second picture is around 5 months old. She is riding in a doggie car seat which hangs on the front passenger side. She really loves to watch out the window and enjoys the car. I recently found out though that she is not so fond of the windshield wipers (they made her bark like crazy!). Most times she rides in the back seat in her soft carrier so she sleeps a lot in the car (which is best if it's raining!).

The third one is about two weeks ago right after a grooming session which we wanted to do before she got spayed. She is sitting in her carrier.

The last one is from today! She is the cutest puppy ever and we love her to bits! Thanks so much for our great girl!

All the best,

Elaine & Patti

Meet a Bean, a Ttoodle

Hi Kathy, We have been meaning to write and let you know how well Bean is doing. In the 18 months since we have had her, she has become such a wonderful addition to our family, we just can't imagine not having her. She is extremely smart, lovable and loyal. She also thinks she is about 100lbs and guards our house at night:) (though she is 20lbs).

She has also achieved both her Canine Good Citizen and Therapy Dog certifications. She just loves people and we couldn't have asked for a better fit to our family.

Thank you!

Chris, Leslie, Alex and The Bean!

Meet a Reddington, a Sheepadoodle

Hi Kathy!

Reddington turns 5 months this week. I thought you might enjoy an updated picture. She is the love of our lives.


Tonya and Brad

Meet a Mini Ttoodle

Hi Kathy!

Five years ago today this sweet ttoodle was born at your kennel.

He was originally supposed to go to Canada, but it was too cold and he was too little.

So he came to Boston instead! Thought you'd like to see him.

He is extremely smart and kind. Sometimes I wonder if he is human.

Best dog ever! Ginny

Meet Butter, the Whoodle

Hi Kathy!

We've been meaning to email you for the last few weeks to let you know how amazing our dog is. We have the purple color Woodel and we named her butter.

Here's a picture...THANKS


Meet Watson, the Sheepadoodle


Wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that Watson's doing great.

Super disposition and wonderful companion for Scout (our 4 year old labradoodle). Loving him!

Keep you posted. Susan

Meet Simon the Standard Poodle

Hi Kathy,

I purchased Simon from you in May, 2011. At the time he was chocolate...he is now cafe au lait and beautiful.

He is the best standard poodle we have ever owned (8 in all.)

Simon is a certified therapy dog. We visit rehab centers, nursing homes, and do a "read program" at a local elementary school. I would love to send you a picture of him if you would like to see him.

Everytime someone comments on him, which is constantly, I tell them where he came from and that you have a wonderful facility if they are interested in a non-shedding pet.

We love our Simon.

Thank you and take care. Kandi

Meet Simon the Standard Poodle

Hello Kathy!

It has been a little over a year since we adopted our wonderful standard poodle, Tucker, and I wanted to send you a picture and update. (He was born 10/26/12 from Tempe and Prince, I believe).

I never thought a poodle would join our family, but I am so grateful that my misinformed prior prejudices did not prevent us from getting our Tucker.

He is wildly entertaining, sweet, kind, loving, athletic, funny and highly intelligent. We affectionately call him a "cheeky rascal" because he is so smart and a bit mischievous.

My daughters are enamored with him and he is very patient and playful with them. Tucker just loves to love...and run... and sit in the bathtub...and sit on my lap on a kayak...and play with other dogs...and cuddle...and be a part of the group.

We are CONSTANTLY told he is a gorgeous dog and everyone is surprised to hear he is a standard poodle. Every time we take him to a dog park or on a walk we are asked whether he is a GoldenDoodle.

We automatically respond, "No - he's a Stoodle." Sometimes we explain that's short for "Standard Poodle" and sometimes we leave them hanging. It's good fun.

Thank you for our wonderful family member.

Warm regards,


Meet Leo, a PooChon

Hi Kathy,

Just wanted to touch base and give you an update on the green collared Poochon, we named Leo. We drove him from Colorado to Arizona and he was such a good boy in the car.

We stopped halfway and spent the night in New Mexico and my aunt and uncle had a ball playing with him.

Once we got him to our home in Scottsdale, he settled in right away.

He has bursts of energy throughout the day and then will take long naps.

He is very lovable, but also very playful.

He went for his first vet appt (which he slept through), and got a clean bill of health on all his tests.

We are working on house-training and crate training him.

We are already very attached and adore him!

Here are a few pictures..

Kelly & Jim

Meet Tobias, a Tibetan Terrier

Hi Kathy,

Good morning. I just thought I'd let you know Tobias is going well.

He had his initial vet check and everything was good.

He's starting to get the hang if potty training and waking on a leash. He does well in the snow and is very social.

We went to Garden of the Gods this weekend and I think he met everyone that was there.

Hoping you are having a good week.

Truly, Amy

Meet Toby, a Mini Whoodle

Hi Kathy,

We have been so busy with Toby we forgot to write.. All well.. He just went for his first group walk...he has a new friend called Woody..they play everyday. BTW, Toby is super smart! xo Oh, and he met his sister last week. Love at first sight.

Meet Shamus, a Whoodle

Hi Kathy,

Hey, Kathy Been a while since I sent you an update. Still loving this silly dog immensely. He's so good and LOVES (as you can see below with his 11-month old brother) everyone and everything in this house. Hope all is well with you. Shamus has truly been a wonderful addition to our family and I can't believe he is already 4 1/2 years old!

Meet Maisy, the Sheepadoodle

Hi Kathy,

Maisy has had a GREAT first week! By the 4th night she was sleeping through the night in her crate and before that she was only getting up to go out and potty and then going right back to sleep. Potty training is going pretty good, most of her accidents have been excited/nervous pees. :)

She still isn't asking to go out, but goes every time we take her out and tell her to go potty, so she'll get there. She weighed 8.3 lbs the day we brought her home and today at her puppy check-up she was 9.2 lbs. She is very healthy and happy, and VERY LOVED!!!!!

She loves everyone she meets, she is so sweet! She wants to love the cat (Boomer) but he's not completely sold on her yet, he'll stay in the same room with her but requires a wide personal bubble space! :) She loves her backyard and multitude of chew toys (mulch) that abound there. She's also doing pretty good walking on a leash in the neighborhood.

Attached are some recent pics. Thanks again for matching us up with this sweet girl.

Lynne :)

Meet Daisy the Standard Poodle and Ernie the Mini

Hi Kathy,

Attached is a photo of Daisy the Standard Poodle and Ernie the Mini hanging out at the park.

They both go to doggy daycare daily and Daisy is used as a mentor to the new dogs that come to play because she is so sweet.

Ernie and Daisy both have the best little personalities and are so well adjusted and behaved (most of the time).

Thank you for the great dogs!

They are a great addition to our family.

Garth and Linda

Meet Bailey, a Mini Labradoodle

Hi Kathy,

Our little Bailey makes every single day just a little bit better!

She is just over 4 months now and weighing in at 9lbs.

Her Vet says she is a very happy and healthy dog!

We love her so much and wanted to send you a quick picture.

Thanks again!

Anne and John

Meet Cooper, a Mini Whoodle

Hey Kathy

We wanted to drop you a line and let you know our Red Collar Male Mini Whoodle named Cooper is doing great!

At 4 months he is weighing in at 14 lbs and he is healthy.

See attached pic - he is super cute!

Everywhere we go, we get comments about what a great dog he is

our neighbors, the doggie day care people, the vet people all comment every time about what how he is confident and he has a calm and sweet demeanour.

We're happy we bought him from ACC ranch.

Thanks again!

-Adam and Amy

Meet Charlotte, a Schnoodle

We are so grateful to have this sassy 8 month old little ball of energy as part of our family! We will always being grateful for Charlotte Mae

Meet Jack, a Sheepadoodle

Hi, Kathy and Tammy

we wanted to share this picture of Jack with our kids, Ian and Anna, from last weekend.

He continues to be a great puppy!!!

-Tom and Tamara

Meet Whooey

Hi Kathy,

Whooey turned 5 on April 20th!!

Thanks for all that you do and breeding such lovable and friendly dogs!

I would be lost without my pup!

Hope this finds you and the ACC Ranch well!!



Now in Sarasota, FL (before in Denver, CO)

Meet Ellie A Sheepadoodle

Hi Kathy,

Ellie is 6 mos old and an absolute sweetie! Fortunately we have three other dogs who help to "play her energy away". Ellie loves everyone, and has to be near or touching someone all the time. At 6 mos. old she weighs in at 45 lbs. We had her spayed in March. Do we need to send you proof of that? Just let me know and I'll send it off!

I've attached a picture of Ellie. She's absolutely beautiful and loved by all of us! She learned to ring the bells to go outside within the first two weeks of being home. Where the other dogs nudge the bells with their nose or paw, Ellie grabs it and shakes it. She very quickly pulled all the bells from the wall! She's quite the character.

We are building a new house where we will have a doggie door and a large fenced yard in the woods. Ellie will be one happy puppy (okay, she'll be happier than she is already!). We love her to pieces.

My sister from Texas may be calling you for one of the pups you have available right now. They lost one of their two dogs to old age this past Christmas.

Hope all is well at the ranch!

Beth... Combined Locks, WI

Meet Murphy A Sheepadoodle

Dear Kathy,

Here is a picture from a few weeks ago.

Murphy from the Jan.2 litter.

He's gotten much bigger too since this was taken!

Feel free to use on website or whatever anything we send along to you.

What a joy he is!


Meet Comet A Havanese

Dear Kathy,

I just wanted to let you know that you are an absolute angel! James was positively overjoyed when he met the puppy. We still don't have a name yet, James is partial to Comet. It is not my fav, reminds me of the cleaner! Anyway, the little guy perked right up and has more personality than I can believe! He has no problems with the big dogs or cats and he is very curious. He is not too keen on private/self soothing time, he whines and wants to get back to James. When I told James that he could not put the puppy in his bed until the dog was big enough to jump out by himself, James was very upset. Ever the problem solver, James decided to get down on the puppy's level. I attached a photo that I took moments ago of their sleeping arrangement.

Seeing James able to bond with and care for another dog has done wonders for my healing. I know it sounds crazy, but watching my boys suffer so badly at the loss hurt almost as bad as loosing Spot. I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for your understanding and generosity. I can not thank you enough, truly!



Meet Jax, a Sheepadoodle

Hi Kathy,

Well tomorrow we will have Jax for 2 weeks already. He is getting tall and bigger.

He is so smart, he is fetching, knows how to sit, walks on the leash really good.

He has started ringing the bell to go out, but still has the occasional accident.

We are really enjoying him. Also he is sleeping in the crate through the night. I have attached a picture for you.

The new sheepadoodles are cute, really black.

take care,

Dianne M

Meet Jackson, a Schnauzer

Thanks again Kathy for the best dog we've ever had!

Jackson loves our Cocker Spaniel/Cavalier King Charles mix Minnie.

She is 12 years old and gets a little tired of his energy but, they are best buds!

We love how you left his tail a little longer than normal docking.

Everyone loves how he can move his ears.

He is a little charmer.

Take care,


Meet Panda & Naga

Dear ACC Ranch,

Thanks for getting us started right and finding a good home for us.

We are very happy and healthy.

Our new humans treat us very good.

They play with us and take us for walks.

Here is a picture of us after our most recent haircut:


Panda and Naga

(dictated to our human Jim )

Meet Molly & Kona, BFF's

HI Kathy!,

KG says I'm smart, mellow, charming and funny-and a perfect balance with Jazzie and Kona. People in the stores seem to want to pet me and tell me I'm pretty.

KG and Frank were happy because last night a neighbor came to chat for a few minutes. I contentedly sat in his lap while he petted me. He was very gentle and said I'm soft! We all love ya back!!! I hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day!


Both Molly & Kona are from ACC Ranch!

Meet Molly

HI Kathy!, I saw your message from ACC Ranch and thought I'd send you a quick note now that I'm six months old and have been living with KG and Frank, Kona and Jasmine for a couple of months.

I am having so much fun! Kona and I are the same size so we play lots. We wrestle, play tag, and chase each other indoors and outside-sometimes we race in and out during the same game. Jasmine often joins in, and then we have even more fun.

When I grab a toy from Kona and dive under the bed, he chases me. I thought the toys I hide under there would be a secret but he finds them quickly and then I have to hide toys all over again.

I know how to ring the bells at the door when I need to go out, but if my people aren't around or they're still asleep in the morning, I use the doggie doors. I learned about doing my business outside very quickly

After KG and Frank take the three of us for our morning walk, we get to do our exercises.

In puppy class I learned how to follow the basic commands so the three of us do them all together. Jasmine and Kona taught me how to "say please" and "dance", too.

I love the times when we go for car rides and I can help with the shopping!

I hope you have a Happy Valentine's Day!


PS...I LOVE my bones!

Meet Dakota, a CockaPooPoo

HI Kathy,

Here is the most recent picts of Dakota.

We picked him up july 22 first picts when we got home, later picts last sat. after bath.

He is good boy and a smart boy, very food motivated which makes training easier.

Still on occasion a little stubborn streak comes through. We are so happy to have him he is a pleasure to have with us.

Talk to you soon,

Mark & Michele

Meet Cookie, a Sheepadoodle

HI Kathy,

COOKIE is just a sweetheart! She has calmed down - no more talking, crying and whining! She is just terrific and is nearly POTTY TRAINED. She has slept for most of both nights so far (up at about 4am - and back to bed for a few hours). She is sleeping in her pen nicely, though she doesn't like it at first - for about 5 min - but we soothe her by saying ssshhhh and then she falls asleep! The rest of the time she has the house to play in while we are around (we haven't really left her yet). She is good at amusing herself with her toys and finding cool spots to curl up and relax. She has learned to do the carpeted steps and can go both up and downstairs now. She is very sociable and loves doing new things. We walk her around our block and she has only pooped and peed in the house ONCE. All of the rest is outside in her spot!

She is teething a lot, so we have given her ice cubes and a rawhide stick. But, given the chance she will go for clothes, shoes, boots etc etc.

See our contented COOKIE on the attached photo.


Judy and Jay

Meet Brodie, a TToodle


Brody still has lots of puppy energy in him. We are hoping in another year he will settle down. He is very loving and smart but still goes crazy around strangers.

We have worked hard to socialize him with walks and doggie camp. His only health problem is his knees which was diagnosed as Patella Luxation.

He loves to run very fast and that is when it happens! We get lots of complements on his look. He is 21 pounds with a perfect square build but lost his original color except for his ears that have dark brown and charcoal color.

We love his Tibetan tail.

The Williams Family Scottsdale, Arizona

Meet Roxxy, the PooChon


Merry Christmas to all of you at the ranch!

I couldn't resist sending a few pictures of our little poochon Roxxy taken last week.

She is such a spoiled little girl.

Roxxy looks so much like her dad Duke.

God bless you,

Diane & Glenn

Meet Brooklynn, the Mini Whoodle

Kathy, we LOVE her so stinkin much. She has been such fun having around our house. My husband is completely taken by her. He was pretty stand offish when we first got her, saying he didn't want a puppy, blah, blah, blah. Now the two of them are completely inseparable. She loves me and the kids, however, when he comes home from work, she drops us like a hot potato. She ADORES him.

We had her spayed on October 16th. She weighed 24 pounds then. I'm thinking she's pushing 30 now?? I don't know. Maybe around 27? I would love to find out exactly how much.

She helps me wake her "sisters" up in the morning. She jumps on their beds and licks their faces. You can almost hear Brooklyn laughing as she licks!! She is super active, loves running around and chasing balls. We have taught her some basic commands: sit, stay, no, come. My one major problem with her is that she chews up my throw rugs. She has chewed up a couple of things, nothing major, but if we are gone too long and she's left alone, we'll come home and one of the throw rugs is a goner. And it is not every time we leave her. I don't know what to do. I really like having her "roam" the house while we are gone, because she keeps an eye on everything. Potty training her was a breeze! We have a doggie door. I think she also followed our older dog around and figured things out from her. We definitely have a routine which I think helped as well. Her treats are by the back door and whenever she did her business outside, we cheered and gave her a treat.

I've noticed one other thing that seems troubling. Brooklyn obviously behaves well with me and my husband. She is good with my 13 year old daughter and my 10 year old as well. That said, my 8 year old has had a couple of "run ins" with her. Basically she will snap at my daughter. I believe this has only happened at night, when Brooklyn appears to be deep in sleep or super tired and maybe doesn't have any patience for the youngest person in the family???? We have told our daughter to leave Brooklyn alone when she's sleeping. And we discipline the dog when she behaves like that too. Any suggestions on how to handle that one??

Again, we feel so lucky to have her and we love her soooo much.


Cari, Brooklyn and family

Meet Lotte, a Standard Ttoodle

Hi Kathy,

Just back from the vet, where Lottie was the hit of the place--

the vet and all the techs LOVED her,

and she was pronounced healthy as can be.

She's adjusting really well.

Thanks for everything!


Meet Burley Blaine Hill, A German Shorthaired Pointer

Hi Kathy,

Hello, I hope this finds you well.

Nick and I purchased a GSP from the Shady and Blitz litter this November.

His name is Burley Blaine Hill and he is the love if our lives.

He is a happy and healthy puppy, a natural hunter, and so smart.

Her loves his Mommy and Daddy, his blanket, playing,

getting all the Christmas decorations, cuddling, sleeping in the bed, and his toy duck.

He knows how to sit, lay down, stay, food, treat,

come, kennel, and fetch.

Here are some pictures thank you for everything !

Best , The Hills

Meet Oscar, A BichPoo or PooChon

Hi Kathy,

We bought Oscar, our bichon poodle (red collar), from you in June. I just wanted to let you know that he is such a fabulous dog. Do you remember that we were worried that he might be shy? NOT SO! He is the life of any party he goes to.

He is the friendliest dog and assumes that everyone he comes in contact with must want to know him! He recently came home from 2 weeks of boarding and training and all of the trainers completely fell in love with him. I think they were sorry to see him go.

Our family adores Oscar. He is still a bit rascally --chewing things he shouldn't and occasionally going to the bathroom inside, but he is a member of the family and we can' imagine not having him. He loves to be near us and wants to please us. He is the most popular living thing in the soccer carpool :)

Thank you for giving us such an amazing dog. He has enhanced our family in so many ways.

Happy New Year!



Meet Lucy, A CockaPooPoo

Dear Kathy, I'm sorry it has taken me so long to touch base with you.

I'm writing to tell you how much we LOVE and ADORE our sweet cockapoo, Lucy. We got her from you last May. I prayed for the right dog for our family and my prayers were truly answered with her. She is very cuddly, pleasant, easily trainable and a willing, active member of the family. We are surprised by how smart she is and how quickly she learns. She wants to please and is so friendly with people and other dogs. She brings out the best in our 2 sons, ages 12 and 14. It warms my heart to hear/see them doting on her and she brings out their loving, nurturing natures which is a benefit for teenage boys. She is very soft and a pleasure to have. I can't thank you enough for this delightful addition to our family and I refer ACC Ranch whenever I'm asked - which is quite often.

Lucy is having her 1st b-day party in a few weeks. A puppy bday party sounds ridiculous but we aren't the only ones who are in love with her. We've had a few trips in the past year and we have 2 neighbors that love to watch her for us and miss her when they haven't seen her in awhile.

Kathy, thanks again. She is a gift.

Happy 2013!!!


Meet Mazzy, A CockaPooPoo


I hope you are well.

I just wanted to touch base and let you know Mazzy is doing great.

she's so delightful.

Thank you again and we will stay in touch.



Meet Penny, a German Shorthaired Pointer

Hi Kathy!

Kathy I just wanted to send you an email to thank you for such a wonderful dog.

I bought Penny from you on Nov 17th she was the last GSP pup you had . As of right now she has been to the vet 3 times and they say she is in excellent health from day one .

She is already sitting and coming on command. Fetches and brings her toys back to me , she also is taking to potty training well no accidents in the house in 3 weeks she has just started going to the back door to let me know she has to go potty.

Penny's last weight last week was almost 17 lbs .

I have to tell you she has been the best puppy experience I have ever had .

Thank you again for the wonderful job you guys do with your pups.

Here is a picture of Penny sitting on command from my daughter at my wifes office ( ya she goes everywhere with me )



Meet Ellie, a Sheepadoodle

Hi Kathy!

Hi Kathy: Ellie (formerly Purple Collar) is doing great! Had a successful vet check today (she actually slept through her shot). She was stressed Wednesday night due to the 12 hours in planes and airports, but yesterday and today she is raring to go!

I took some video of her playing with our goldendoodle and cockapoo which I will try to upload to You Tube (with my kids' assistance). I'll let you know when it's there and how to get it.

When the other dogs ring the bell to go outside, Ellie looks up and runs for the patio door. Yesterday's blizzard dumped 9 inches of snow on us and she loves it. Would play outside all day if we let her. She also loves all of us. She is so snuggly and sweet. After the vet we made a stop at the power compancy (we're building a new house) and everyone had to come out of the back when they heard that the "cutest puppy" was in the lobby.

Thank you again for raising such a wonderful little pup. We couldn't be happier!

Beth, Paul, Hannah, Sadie

Gracie, the Chonzer

Kathy, thought I would take a minute to tell you how Gracie is, the black chonzer with a little white on her chest, paws and beard that was from your Aug 2011 litter and who flew to us Oct 2011. You helped us through her biting phase by growling over the phone at her, at which point she bit the phone!

We have lots of pics to send and we will, we just have to get them all together from everyone's phones and cameras and pick the best.

She is the most amazing puppy girl we could ever imagine! She is incredibly smart and affectionate. Whenever any two people in our family are having a hug, she jumps up on us to get our attention because no one can hug without her included. She has a special relationship and little rituals with each of us. She's really strong and runs faster than any living being we've ever seen. She is adored and most nights there is negotiating to see who gets to have her to sleep with. She is so funny, cracks us up all the time and is a little devil. She'll often steal a sock left on the floor or anything she can grab, thinking no one is watching, and bring her treasure to her hiding place, usually under an ottoman or desk.

She's the perfect size, a little over 16 pounds, not so little that she'll break yet little enough to cradle in our arms which she loves to do. She loves to be massaged and we give her raspberries on her belly which she also loves, second only to wrestling.

We can't imagine life pg (pre-Gracie) and thank you for sending us this little piece of sunshine!!

Love, All the Gauglers from CT

Hi Kathy, We got your ACC Ranch Holiday greeting and wanted to wish you also a Merry Christmas.

Not sure if you got my email a couple of months ago, but I'll repeat myself here. Koda is the sweetest, most well behaved dog I've ever known. He has been a real gift to our family. We appreciate your work breeding such wonderful animals.

There are now four whoodles in our neighborhood, two of which are a direct result of getting to know Koda. Three, including Koda, are from ACC Ranch. And it appears that one, Russell, is Koda's brother from the same parents, but different litter. I would like to bring Koda down sometime to visit and perhaps, if they're still around, see his parents. I'd be curious if there is some recognition.

Anyway, have a great holiday and prosperous new year.



Meet Luna, a Sheepadoodle

Hi Kathy!

Here is Luna today after her morning at the salon. Crate training is going well.

Walking well on a leash. She knows sit, heal, and high five. Still working on house training.

Appears to be a subservient pee-er. Still trying to work on that so I don't get met with a puddle of pee every time I come in the front door.

Weighing in around 17 pounds. She eats a lot, but we walk the neighborhood everyday to work it off.

Vet is very happy where she is at right now.

She barks at me every night until i get on the floor to wrestle for at least a half an hour.

She is wonderful with the girls, and always wants to get up on the couch with us at night for TV time.

Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives.

We are even more blessed than we could have imagined.

Barrett, Jessica, Elliott, Devin, & Luna

Meet Daisy, A Toy Labradoodle

Daisy's doing great, she's 9 pounds.

She's smart, funny, mellow, and really loves me!

For now, she follows me around just waiting for me to give her something to do

(and of course a treat when she does it!)

She can: sit, shake, leave it, lie down, come, and (sometimes!) wait at the door.

She's everything we wanted in our companion, and has become a huge part of our family.

Here she is on her first camping trip and hike. She had a blast!

Thank you so much,


Meet Harry the Poodle

Hi Kathy, Sorry it took so long to let you know how Harry is doing.

He is great and is just a joy.

We now know that what we love most about our F1B doodle (our son's companion) is the poodle.

We will always have a standard in our lives from here on out.

Words cannot describe the positive impact that he has had on our daughter.

He is happy ready to play 24/7 but smart and patient knowing when and who will and can play with him.

Thank you,


Meet Baxter, a Schnoodle

Hi Kathy

I am finally getting around to updating you on our beloved schnoodle Baxter. He is an amazing family pet and we all love him so much!

My husband was skeptical from the beginning but now loves coming home to a wagging tail!

He tells everyone how great of a dog he is which is the biggest compliment coming from him! :o)

I've met many more neighbors while out walking with him. He's slept through the night since we first brought him home and was easy to potty train.

Thank you for helping us pick out our 1st family pet!


Meet Otis, a Sheepadoodle

Hi Kathy

Just wanted to let you know that Otis is doing great and is adored by the entire Hartley clan. He is sooo much fun and just a great guy to have around! These dogs are so goofy and charming, I think they know how cute they are. The male dog you have left from the August litter looks so much like Otis when he was a baby. I think that I'm looking at Otis' puppy picture when I look at him!

I've kept Otis in all kinds of training classes over the past six months. We've been introduced to basic obedience, agility and rally so far. Our next class is canine good citizen and then I hope we can begin training to become a therapy dog who visits kids in hospitals. That's the plan - we'll see if we truly succeed. If I were a sick child, I know that I would love having a big shaggy dog come visit...

Just wanted to give you the quick update! He's the best - I couldn't have asked for anything better!!!

Thanks for all you do,


Meet Winston, a German Shorthaired Pointer


Winston says thanks for sending him here.

As you can see in the three pictures below he loves playing with his friends and he so feels the need to yield to the larger dogs can't you tell?

He has been great, 95% house broken.

Sit, stay and terrorize the neighborhood commands are all well mastered.

Seriously, he is training very well.

We both hit the jackpot I think.

Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving.. Now living in New Hampshire!

Meet Lizze & Jessie, 2 Havachons


Jesse and Lizzi just celebrated their 2nd birthday and I wanted you to know how adorable and wonderful they are. We can't believe it has been 2 years! We never thought we could love another dog the way we loved our first, but you have proved us WRONG!

! These pups are the LOVE OF OUR LIFE! Everything you said about the Havachon is true! They have become very attached to us, and LOVE companionship.

They are very, very affectionate, lively and very social. They are full of energy! Jesse does the Bichon Buzz--when he runs around in circles and runs from room to room. It is so entertaining and absolutely hilarious! Lizzi is a "little momma" and wants to take care of everything and protect her brother.

They are a "kick"" and we love them so much! They love everyone!

We are so thankful we found you, and we now have our name on the list for a 3rd puppy! We can say with certainty that an ACC Ranch puppy is awsome!

Very sincerely and with love,


Meet Utley, a Whoodle

Kathy, I just wanted to Thank You so much for bringing Utley into my life. After my Wheatie died, I thought I would never love another dog..WRONG!!

Utley is such a good boy! He is 4 months now weighing in at about 25lbs. He may be skinny now but by the size of his paws he is gonna be a big boy!! He has the body of a Poodle..but boy does is he stubborn just like the Wheaton haha! He is very very smart, and by the end of the first week I had him he learned how to ring the bells on the door to go outside!

Everyone loves him when they meet him!! He is a hit at the doggie park and has a girlfriend Lilly, a Goldendoodle!! He loves to run and play...but also loves to roll around on the grass for hours and hours. He loves his toys, and I have attached a picture with his favorite toy, his piggy:) I will send updated pixs as he grows, but again...thank you for being so amazing...and for bringing this lovebug into my life!!!

Lauren Roselli

Meet Rocky, a Mini Schnauzer

Hi Kathy,

Rocky is doing great and bringing so much joy and fun to our home! He has been very good about going potty outside and sleeps through the night (with your towels and puppy pal) - we were amazed.

We've been giving him lots of love and attention and he seems to be adjusting well.

We took him to the vet yesterday - South Mesa Veterinary Hospital in Fort Collins, recommended to us by a colleague at CSU - and he got a clean bill of health (in addition to charming every employee there). Today we're going to PetSmart to buy a few more chew toys - he's trying to bite everything he can get his teeth on. ;-)

Thanks again for everything and it was great meeting you too!

We won't forget to send pictures - in fact, we've attached two with this email for this "puppy" look

. Sincerely,

Susan, Steve and Rocky

Meet Kona, a Havanese


Hi! Hope all is well! Kona has a new sweatshirt cause it's so cold and windy these days.

Wanted to let you know that he has caught on to ringing the bells at the door when he wants to go out and is doing really well with house training.

Of course there is an accident here and there but he is getting better about it all the time as he develops the capacity to anticipate.

Sometimes he rings those bells just because he wants to be outside! He loves the snow and likes leaping around in it with Jas, and burrowing.

He can readily go up and down the carpeted stairs in the house and goes up the deck and garage stairs. He is getting braver about trying to go down.

This morning he went out with Frank and brought in the newspaper!

We just can't imagine life without him!

Hope all is well at The Ranch!

KG, Frank, Kona, Jasmine

Meet Russel..a Whoodle


We love him so much. We named him Russell, after the movie "Up".

He has a great personality, not a big crier or barker, but he does get a few energy bursts throughout the day where he's a handful. He's very smart.

He learned how to go up the stairs the first day and it took him a couple days learn to go down (we have a tri-level so it's about 6 steps).

We are crate training him at night and so far he only wimpers for a minute or so and then he goes to sleep (we take turns sleeping right outside his crate). Last night we only had to take him to pee one time at 2am then he made it until 7am!

He goes potty outside more than 75% of the time, he even stands by the glass doors and wimpers when he needs to go out. We think he's a genius!! He loves the snow, he's not afraid at all, he throws his whole body at snow banks. He loves to go for walks and loves to play in our backyard. We will keep you posted!

Meet Moji..a retired Shitzu


Hello Kathy,

My name is Shea. A few years ago we adopted an adult shih tzu from you named Moji.

I realized that I had never gotten back in touch with you until I received your email recently.

I just wanted to give you a very belated thank you.

Moji is a huge part of our family. My husband was wounded in Iraq and Moji became a huge part of his healing process.

I don't know what we would do without him. I am attaching a recent photo of him for you. Thank you once again.

Merry Christmas,

The Camp family

Meet Obi's Puppy, a Schnoodle

Hey, Kathy!

He's doing great. He loves tormenting the other dogs and they are doing very well at tolerating him.

We had 1 rough night, but he seems to have settled down and resigned himself that he will be in his crate all night...at least until he is potty trained.

I'm attaching a pic. It's terrible cause it was taken with my old Blackberry.

We will try to get some good ones with the real camera this weekend. We have our vet visit this afternoon.

Thanks, for everything!

Thanks, Kathy!


Meet Rocky, a Sheepadoodle


Hi Kathy!

Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. I'll tell you, though, that Rocky is a walking billboard.

I have told so many people about you who are dying to have a dog just like him (not sure why, when you see the picture I'm attaching)

...so, don't be surprised if you get emails and calls from a lot of Bay Area folks.

Take care.

This is a picture I snapped yesterday when I heard a little commotion in the hallway.

All the best,


Meet Izzy, a Ttoodle

Hi Kathy!

I just want to share this picture of Izzy the Ttoodle.

She is 8 months now and the love of my life!

Thank you for her.


Meet Shilah, a German Shorthaired Pointer

Hi Kathy!

Our little Shilah is amazing!!!

Talk about a nose for birds! She is finishing her first month of training and doing extremely well.

She is very cautious when she catches the scent of a nearby bird (Chucker and Pheasant so far) and locks up on point.

So cool to see!!

Thanks, Steve

Thanks again. I attached a picture for you.

Meet Bently & Baxter, Havashus

Hello Kathy and Rick,

Merry Christmas from the Yanko clan...

.. the boys are exhausted from the nonstop partying (see pictures attached).

Bentley, Baxter, Cheryl and Andy

Meet Abbey, a TToodle

Hi Happy Holidays from Tom and Amy,

Our new little girl Abby is growing into quite the young lady.

She is keeping us laughing daily, learning how to do things with ease and grace. She has warmed our hearts and enhanced our lives.

It makes the long drive well worth every penny and helps me realize that I would do it again.

I also think that it was what God wanted us to do and nothing got in our way to make our trip happen. What a blessing to our lives and it has help me get through this holiday session, which was difficult last year with a IVF that didn't take last year.

Thank you Kathy for everything you did for us! It felt like we bought our puppy from a Family that loves the owners just as much as your own!

Really special!!!

Thanks... Here is some pics of Abby

Meet Axel, a Standard Poodle

Hi Kathy, Look at the handsome boy!

We decided to name our little man Axel..

Buckley is slowly getting used to his active brother, with a lot of posturing and putting him in his place.

Axel is respectful but has a short attention span and gets right back after it..

He's a very sweet and smart, and learning quickly.

We will keep you updated as he develops.



Meet Tigger, a German Shorthaired Pointer

So sorry to hear you broke your arm. Ouch! We wanted to wish you happy holidays and show you how beautiful our Tigger is. She's from the Gizmo (Murphy)-Misty June 29, 2009 litter and is absolutely a LOVE! Very aptly named, Tigger bounces around non-stop and is the biggest 'fraidy cat' you've ever seen. If she hears the neighboring dogs barking, she runs out, lets out one howl, and then runs back in to hide behind the drapes adjacent to her doggie door.

Although she's not trained to hunt, she points with grace and can flush out birds, squirrels, and lizards (yes...lizards. We live in Austin, TX now) like a pro and is very well mannered. Whenever we walk her or take her to the park for a run, people stop us to comment on how beautiful gorgeous Tigger is, and because she's tall and lanky (she's known as 'the little doe' at doggie daycare), they ask if she's a greyhound. We're always pleased to let them know that she's a GSHP--the BEST type of dog one could have.

So thank you, Kathy and Rick, for creating such wonderful pups. We're so thrilled Tigger is part of our family, and she ensures that we get many doses of daily laughter and snuggles. We wish you the merriest of Christmases and a 2012 filled with love, peace, and prosperity.

D, DC, and Tigger

Meet Cassidy, a Sheepadoodle

Hi Kathy--

Here are a couple of pictures of Cassidy after she came home from being groomed today - she really thinks she is pretty and so do we!!!

The first picture is when we first got her and she fit in my one arm to carry around - no more - she is 72 pounds and solid muscle.

The second picture she was about three months old and then the last two are today after being groomed.

That GPS that goes on the collars of pets is called Tagg and they have a web site that totally explains it call Tagg.com.

I will send you more pictures later.

Thanks again for our wonderful pet and member of the family.

Merry Christmas.

Marsha and Jordan

Meet Boudreaux, a Sheepadoodle

Hi Kathy--

Attached is our Christmas Card photo

Boudreaux is now 50 pounds at 6 months and a sweetheart! He is healthy and happy and a big muppet.

we call him Mister B, Boudreaux Baxter Bear, and "hey you" occasionally too!

Mend well and we will keep sending photos!

We have referred many folks to your ranch!

Happy Holidays to you!

Krysia & David

Meet Wyatt, a Chonzer


I don't know if you remember us, but we purchased a Chonzer from you last month.

Wyatt is doing very well and we love him so much! Hope all the other puppies found good homes, especially the little Schnauzer!

Attached is a recent picture of our little boy.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

Steve and Marilyn

Penrose CO

Meet Rigby, a Standard Poodle


I wanted to give you a quick update on Rigby. He has been an AMAZING addition to the house. We could not have asked for anything more from this pup. We completed the first round of obedience training a little over a month ago and he was at the top of the class. We have taken him hiking, to our son's soccer games, long walks, through a corn maze in Greely, etc.. and he just does a fantastic job. This dog LOVES the outdoors....especially snow. I'm pretty certain that snow is his absolute favorite thing. He is very even tempered and does well w/ strangers and other animals. People are very impressed with him when they seem him.

You were right though, not many people pick up on the fact that he is a Standard. We've gotten "what poodle mix is that"(of course), "portugese water dog", "springer spaniel", "spoodle"(springer/poodle mix), etc... I even had a guy argue w/ me that he wasn't a Standard. That made me laugh. There have been literally 2 or 3 people who peg him as a standard right away and they all own multiple standards.

He is growing very quickly. At 6 months old he is now up over 50lbs w/ no signs of slowing down! We just took a 5 day trip back to Austin, TX for a wedding and our neighbor watched Rigby for us. We kept Rigby at the house and the neigbor came by to feed him, let him out, and play w/ him a few times a day. Even w/ all of that alone time in the house he has yet to chew or destroy anything.

Like I said, we couldn't be happier!! I've attached some recent pics of him so you can see how he's grown. I hope you guys are doing well and I'm so glad we found you when we were looking for a new pup!

Take care!


Meet Charlie, a German Shorthaired Pointer

To future hunting dog owners,

I purchased a male GSP from Rick and Kathy Fitzpatrick of ACC Ranch and Kennels in the fall of 2010. "Charlie" was raised in the high country of Colorado near the town of Vail. I mostly worked on discipline and a strong bond between his master and him, taking him everywhere I was every day possible. We did some retrieve drills, and some wing pointing with a fly rod, but very limited field work as there was lots of snow on the ground just weeks after I brought him home. When he was only 11 months, I took him on his first hunt, for blue grouse. I limited in less than an hour, with Charlie flushing and finding all three birds. I then had him in the field 5 or 6 times, again for grouse, but never for more than 2 hours or so. He was amazing, keeping a close distance to my shooting range, and pointing, flushing and sometimes retrieving wild birds. He would constantly check in with me with eye contact, hunting not for himself but rather for me. I could not have been more pleased.

At 13 months, he guided 4 groups of hunters, some as large as 14 people, by himself in South Dakota for 15 days straight. This was the first time he had ever hunted for anyone other than me, and was the STAR of the show, putting up the vast majority of every pheasant shot. Hunters would race to position themselves near Charlie for the best opportunity to get some shooting. I was overwhelmed with their complements and praise. The last group we guided, referred to him as "Sir Charles", and made it clear that if I came next year that would be ok, but Charlie better be there!

I am heading back to South Dakota in a few weeks to give him more practice, and am very excited of his future as he is still so young. Additionally, I am now waiting for his parents next and last litter to arrive in just weeks, and have committed to purchasing another GSP from ACC.

I can't even begin to express how impressed I have been with their entire operation, and am so thankful for their commitment to excellence that produced a champion dog like Charlie.

It would be my pleasure to be a reference to anyone wanting to hear more of my positive experience, or even meet Charlie to help in their decision to buy from ACC Ranch and Kennels.

Thanks for everything Rick and Kathy!


Pete Mott

Meet Bently & Baxter, Havashus

Hello Kathy,

The pups are doing great! We are making good progress with the housebreaking and they are adapting quite well to the routine. Their poops have firmed up nicely and they are scheduled for their next round of shots on September 10.

They both are very smart and catch on very quickly. They have such different personalities but both of them are sweethearts. Baxter is the mischievous one and reminds us of his pop Snickers while Bentley is more reserved and reminds us of his mom Bella.

Our vet also suggested that we slowly switch their food in conjunction with the Albon so they now are on a mixture of 24% Purina Puppy Chow and 75% Blue Buffalo small breed puppy food.

We take them for long walks at the park and they are doing well on the leash as well as excellently follow right behind us when off the leash. They ride well in the car and enjoy going on trips. When I run my errands I set them in the passenger seat and they are perfect gentlemen

.. of course when I go thru a drive up window they move over onto my lap to check out everything. We are really enjoying them and are glad that we have the pair vs a single dog. We intend to have them fixed at 4 ½ months but of course we have not yet disclosed this information to either of them.

We plan on having them attend obedience training and will be scheduling them once they are further along with their shots. Guess that it for now...Please write is you have any thoughts or suggestions.

Hope all is well on your end - tell Rick we said Hey! Regards,


Meet Senna, a Whoodle

Hi Kathy,

I purchased a puppy from you last year and I just wanted to give you an update as to how she is doing.

Senna is healthy and weighs 32 lbs. She is a very happy, agile, and smart dog.

Thank you very much for breeding her. She is such a great part of our family, I couldn't imagine our lives without her.

I attached a few pictures for you to see how she looks now.

Many thanks,


Meet Toby, a Sheepadoodle

Hi Kathy,

We have attached a photo of Toby for you to see. He is growing fast. He absolutely loves being outside in the green grass and would spend all day out there if he could. This has made house training a little interesting because he sometimes rings the bell just so that he can go out and play.

I can't believe how smart he is (and stubborn). He knows sit and shake and we are currently working on down. He hasn't had an accident inside for a week, but we have been extremely faithful in taking him outside frequently. He is sleeping through the night in his crate and waits patiently for us in the morning. Walking isn't his favorite thing to do (he is a tad bit lazy which is fine with us), but he loves to play fetch.

We will keep you posted and keep sending updated pictures.


Meet Murphy, a Whoodle

Hi Kathy,

I just wanted to give you an update on Murphy (blue collar from Beth and Paddy). He is doing well. He loves the cats, enjoys short swims in my parents' pool (we go to visit and socialize with their dog), and is loved by everyone in the neighborhood. Although we can't walk him in the neighborhood b/c he isn't fully vaccinated yet, we do carry him to stop by some of our favorite places so that is used to being out in public. He has come to work with both Jeremy and me. Jeremy's office has made him an official badge to wear on his collar when he joins Jeremy. The kids at my office adore him. We are still have some trouble house breaking him, but he is awesome in his crate and in his exercise pen (so I guess we are a little on our way with this). He already knows how to sit,navigates our stairs, knows his name and has grown into his next collar. I can't believe how big he has gotten already. He isn't a big fan of being brushed, so we are trying introduce him to his brush with proximity and short brushes as often as possible. Any suggestions in this department would be welcomed!

We are glad to hear that Harry found a home. Do you mind passing on my email address to the family that adopted him in San Francisco. It may be fun to have the puppies meet up to socialize.

Thanks for our little guy! We love him so much!

Denise and Jeremy

Meet Pi, a Whoodle

Hi Kathy,

Pi turned 7 months and he is wonderful! He is smart, sweet, cuddly, and has been easy to train. He is turning lighter but still brindle looking.

Like you said - we have fallen in love with this breed. Pi just enjoyed his first big hike with his older "brother" Chaco our goldendoodle. Pi loves his time in our mountain house and our city home. The new pups all look so cute!

Enjoy the changing of the seasons in Elbert.


Meet Maggie, a Sheepadoodle

Hi Kathy,

I am completely in love with my dog.

She is sweet, healthy, smart and UNBELIEVABLY adorable.


. Andrea

Meet Rio, a Havashu

Hi Kathy,

I just want to send you a quick update on the red collar Havashu puppy we now call 'Rio'. He has been so much fun. His spirit is mighty for such a tiny guy. From the minute we picked him up from the airport he seemed to realize this was home. He was relaxed and fit right in. My kids, and all their friends are giving him tons of love! We are so happy to have him.

I took Rio to the vet the day after he got here, and he got a mostly clean bill of health. The vet did find a parasite called coccida in his stool. The vet said it is often hard to see in puppy stool and is commonly brought out by stress. So, the travel may have made it more active. Anyway, it is an easy fix and we have Rio on meds for it. No worries! Now...if we could get him to quiet down at night, we'd be good to go! I know he will get there...he is still so young.

Thank you so much for all the help in getting him to us safely! My kids were thrilled with their surprise.


Meet Zoe, a TToodle


Zoe has such an awesome personality! She always "walks herself " by grabbing the leash in her mouth! I was not paying attention to her before our walk for a second, so she grabbed the leash, sat down, and waited patiently.

When I looked at her I laughed and got the camera out. You can read the words and phone number perfectly!!

I think she is a perfect poster girl for your ranch!! (I get 10% of the sales :)).

Hey...have I ever told you how much we love this puppy???

Kathy from NC

Meet Maggie, a Mini Whoodle

Hi Kathy

Of course Maggie (aka purple collar) is not sleeping in beds (yet), but she does tend to fall asleep when I read to the kids at night. Here she is with Olivia (11).

A lady named Judy asked me for your info today when she met and fell in love with Maggie. ;)

Thanks again Kathy!

Jeanne from Texas

Meet Bertie, a Standard Poodle

Hi Kathy

Just a note to let you know that Bertie is doing great: growing and having a good life. I've attached a photo.

He starts good manners training next week, and I know he'll be a star. He's a very smart dog, and loves people and other dogs. He weighs 22 lbs at 4- 1/2 months. His nickname is "Black Thunder" because that's they way he looks and sounds as he runs across our hardwood floors to wake us up at 5:30 every morning.

Thanks again.


Meet Theophilus, a Standard Poodle

Dear Kathy and Rick,

Seeing all the awsome puppies in the last e-mail from ACC Ranch made me want to let you know that Theophilus is doing well. We see him maturing in many ways.

What a wonderful addition to our family he is! He is full of energy and very loving. He and I walk 3-4 miles most days.

Hardly a day goes by that someone stops us and asks "What kind of dog is that?".

It seems that most people aren't familiar with Partis. I sure wasn't until we started looking for our standard poodle.

We also hear almost daily comments about how beautiful he is. I'm attaching a couple current photos.

Doesn't he look great!


Ron and Cathie

Meet Molly, a Standard Whoodle

Hi Kathy

I just wanted to send along some news about our puppy (from Lexy and Paddy's litter - black collar female). Her name is now Molly, and she has been settling in beautifully at home with us here.

She is a very sweet girl, full of fun and personality and bounce -- loves people and seems pretty excited to meet any other new dogs that she encounters.

She's very smart, and has been already starting to learn some simple commands (depends on how distracted she is and how tired or not she is -- hmmm, sort of like a toddler!) :-) She's also adjusted to her crate as her night-time sleeping place and after about 3 nights, is now happily sleeping through the night with no difficulties.

She's been charming everyone who meets her, and is a real sweetheart.

Thanks for all your help! We're very happy to have her in our home!


Meet Bridger, a Standard Whoodle

Hi Kathy

Of course I'm partial to the Beth/Paddy litter as our Bridger is from the same from last Spring. I thought I'd pass along a few more photos in case those interested in this new litter are curious how theirs might look....Bridger is still pretty black (with some brown and white in there) and he kept his white spots he had when we picked him out at 6 weeks! He is just the best dog, so friendly.

He's gone camping with us a bunch this summer and sticks by us the whole time and loves to go in the water. He did sleep right on the end of MY sleeping bag the whole time and I'm such a sucker, that I just slept curled up so he could stay there! LOL

He is SO SO soft! And doesn't shed an ounce. We gave him a bath in our tub and there wasn't one hair in the tub when we were done! I attached a few pics from the day we got him for comparison.

Oh and the funniest is his tail that has a ton of gray/white in it (we think his tail is super expressive!). Take Care,


Meet Zoe, a Ttoodle

Hi Kathy

We brought home Purple Collar Ttootle on June 15th, now named Zoe! From the moment she laid eyes on us at the airport, her tail has been wagging.

She is SO, SO loving! Nothing scares her! She is a very confident puppy! She greets everyone she sees, two legged and four! We have had her 10 days and she already knows how to sit, lay down, come, and leave it!!

She is very smart! She goes in the crate with only a few "AW Shucks" whimpers, but then is quiet from 10 pm till 5:30 am. I can't believe how fast we all fell in love with her! We will send you pictures as she grows up!

You did such a wonderful job getting her ready for her solo flight from CO to NC!


Kathy, Michael, Evan and Kristen

Meet Nellie, a Standard Poodle

Hi Kathy

I just wanted to send a quick note and pictures. Nellie is doing great! Her legs are really getting long and very springy! She checked out just fine at the vets the Monday after we brought her home. BTW, she slept all the way home from your place, a 1 1/2 hour drive. We have her enrolled in a puppy preschool that's held at the Vet Clinic which is the Deer Creek Animal Hospital it Littleton. They also have a puppy recess every Sunday morning which is unstructured. Both are very safe since the Vet OK's that they're healthy and current on shots.

The good news is that she's healthy and seems to love all dogs and all people. I call her Brave Nellie because she doesn't seem to be afraid of anything!

She is willful though ( I wouldn't exactly call that bad news) and will require strong leadership from us, but I think we're up to the task.

Anyhow Nathan and I want to thank you again for giving Nellie such a good start in life. You did a fantastic job! Everyone that meets her says she is beautiful and we think so too!

Take care,

Valerie and Nathan

Meet Charley, a Standard Poodle

Hi Kathy

Sounds like you are busy with pups.

Charlie & I just got back home from 4 months near Moab with my mule.

He's at whopping 75 pounds and a really awesome dog.



Meet Pi, a Whoodle

Growing like a weed and keeps us laughing!

Meet Hazel, a Schnoodle

Hey there!

Hazel just keeps getting more adorable, precious and smart. She rings a bell with her nose when she needs to go outside :) - yay!

The kids are nuts about her! She's so playful and cuddly, rarely sleeping without somebody scratching her head or her tummy. Super healthy, says the vet.

She weighs almost 13 pounds and her personality is killer hilarious! Hope you are well!

Kelli, Tessa, Treven and Queen Hazel :)

Meet Minnesota Molly, a Sheepadoodle

Hi Kathy,

Just a quick note to say HI & Happy Easter to you all.

Molly is doing Great! She is such a Lovely Pup. So happy & so playful & so sweet.

She loves to sit by the window & watch the world, loves to play ball & run free at the park & she seems to love every person & animal so far.

(except the squirrels... she wants those for lunch)

She weighs about 60 lbs. She never barks at the doorbell, she does not chew on things around the house, (sometimes she carrys shoes around - just for fun though) she comes when called & sits & does the down stay very well! I taught her hide & seek, she stays until I say, 'OK' then she finds her duck! She still jumps up on people, but we are working on it.

Anyway, Have a wonderful day!


Meet Bridger, a Whoodle

Hi Kathy,

Just wanted to update you on Bridger, our whoodle from Beth and Paddy. He is the BEST family dog ever. He is so handsome, we get compliments on him all the time. He is around 50 lbs at 11 months old (he was probably the biggest puppy from the litter). We simply couldn't be more in love with him.

He is wonderful with the kids. He quickly made his way into our bed to sleep. How did that happen?! haha

I sometimes wake up to find him entirely stretched out on his back, legs straight up in the air and all! He is so happy to just be with us wherever we go and greets us with as much enthusiasm when we are gone 10 minutes as when we're away for hours.

Thanks again!

I've attached a photo of him from not too long ago...he loves the snow!

The other pic is with our youngest daugher, he adores her as much as she does him. : )



Meet Charlie, a Sheepadoodle

Hi Kathy!

Hi kathy!! Our girl Charlie is doing great. I would say she is fully potty trained, but I dont want to jinx it!

We have been trying to nip some of the stubborn puppy behaviors in the bud and so far have found success...she is becoming more comfortable around cars and absolutely goes crazy happy when she sees another dog or person.

She is losing teeth almost daily and just learned "lay"...hmmm what else...we fall more in love with her every day!

Here are some photos of her...baking with Kabeer, watching tv and hanging out. Shes getting big!!


Meet Bella, a Sheepadoodle

Hi Kathy!

Thought I would send another update since our last vet visit. At 4 months, Bella weighed 31.5 pounds and she's just one big ball of fluff.

I swear she is the softest dog I have ever felt. We all just love cuddling up to her, my son especially. She's doing great. I sent a couple of pics of her and my son after he came home from the hospital, he still wasn't feeling great and she was there to try to make him feel better and he just loves it!!

Ok, I realize I've probably sent way too many pictures, but they are all just too cute, hard not to share:) will try to only pick one next time!!

Thanks again! The Doll's

Happy 2nd Birthday Ozzie, a Havachon

Hi Kathy!

Thought I would send you a pic of Ozzie snoozing away tonight. In case you were wondering what he's up to! He is just the funniest and MOST spoiled dog ever. He sleeps on our bed like this every night. He snuggles with me for about 30 mins and then spreads out at the end of the bed.

He goes to this amazing camp a few times a week that's 2 acres of property where he runs and plays with 5 or 6 of his friends. He loves it!

Anyhow, all is great. My son is now 18 months and all he wants to do is be with Ozzie. They are really going to be best friends : ).

Hope you guys are well! Will send another pic through after this.

Nicole and Jared Hirsch

Meet Saddie, a Whoodle

Hey Kathy,

She is a very good girl.

TONS of energy and incredibly smart which is both good and bad. :)

We took her to puppy kindergarten class and that helped a lot.

More to teach me and the kids how to handle her.

We love her to pieces!

Meet Pedro, a Standard Poodle

Hey Kathy,

I wanted to give you and update on our puppy, Pedro, that we got last summer.

He will be one year old in just a few days.

There were some rough days for the first few months, but he has mellowed out a lot!

He is such a great dog. My kids just love him and he has made a great family member.

We love standard poodles, and especially Pedro!

Thanks for everything!!!!

The Hendrickson Family

Meet Baxter, a Sheepadoodle

Hey Kathy,

Funny was thinking of you and how we needed to send a picture of 32 pound, 5 month old Baxter! Rough first 2 months, but in a much better place now. And it took us a little while (and a NJ winter) to figure out the secret to the calmer pup...run him!

He needs a good hour of play time a day and we have much happier nights. Let me send a pic from the other phone now in fact. And how are you guys? The next liter? My kids are already asking for another! I assume you are as nutty there at the Ranch as ever? Or is there ever a quiet time? Pics to follow shortly.


Meet Coco, a Standard Poodle

Hey Kathy, miss me yet? All is well... here are a few pics of the most beautiful standard poodle...and the most well behaved..

.in 2 weeks she now sits, gives her paw, does down and goes to the back door when she wants to go to potty..she even uses her paw to move the handle to go out!

What a good girl!

here's one of a few pics...maybe you can use them for your website?

Here's a standard poodle at the Jersey Shore!

Take care,


Meet Shelby, a TToodle

Hi Kathy!

I just wanted to give a long delayed update on Shelby. We brought Shelby home to Minnesota last February and we can't believe what joy she has brought to our lives. She is exactly what we had hoped for: playful, loving, gentle and great with the kids. She is my constant companion and goes everywhere with me since she's the perfect size for car rides to pick up the kids from school.

We are constantly stopped and asked what kind of dog she is and we've been told many times that she’s the cutest dog they've ever seen. I can't thank you enough for making our trip out to get her so fun and giving up this special gift.

Lana, Joe, Sami, Brenna and Sully

Meet Hazel, a Schnoodle

As you can see, Hazel is fitting right in.

She is sooo much fun and so good

. She loves her crate.



Meet Stella, a Standard Poodle

Hi Kathy,

Wanted to send you an update on Stella. She is just over 5 months old now and about 40lbs. She's all legs and cute as could be. These pictures are from right after the groomers, bows and all. She's been real blessing to us and we still can't thank you enough for having such awesome poodles at the ranch.

We get so many compliments on her. People actually stop in their cars and when we are out for walks just to ask what kind of dog she is. We are told at least 2-3 times a week what a beautiful dog we have. Mostly they compliment her big personality, she is really sweet and very funny. One of her favorite places in the house is the bathtub. She loves water and she will hang out in the tub just waiting for us to turn on the water.

Talk to you soon,


Meet Tica, a Whoodle


here is a picture of our beloved Tica, who was born in your litter on 12/21/09. She had been "light pink collar"

We live in Boulder and have found Tica to be the most wonderful family pet: smart, easy to train, great with the kids.

Thank you for our wonderful pup!!!



(note, Tica was of a litter before we stopped docking tails. )

Meet Teddy, a Sheepadoodle

Dear Kathy

Here he is! Our Teddy Bear!

What a Christmas present!

Teddy was named for Theodore Roosevelt who was brave and pure of heart, the Father of our National Parks, and, most importantly the inspiration for the Teddy Bear!

These pictures were taken when he was just over 2 months old and weighed a little over 18 pounds. Now, at just over 4 months he's 22 inches tall and weighs 43 pounds. He is going to be a big boy! Fortunately, he is about as friendly and laid back as they get. Actually, he is a woose. He loves his toys, his walks, other dogs, and everybody. He loves to play, especially with the neighbor's dog. When they are together they play until they collapse and then they start all over again. He cries when she leaves. OH, he loves to steal your socks---off your feet.

He is a joy, and he does not shed, and he self cleans, the dirt slides right off! We can’t get used to easy. After 20 years of malamutes, it's a whole new world!

He learning to go in and out of the window (our version of a doggy door), so smart.

OH! he doesn't run, he either gallops or lumbers along like a bear. Needless to say, he owns our hearts!

Bless you!

Charlie, Nancy & Teddy Bear!

Meet Mulligan, a Sheepadoodle

Hello Kathy! We took our almost 1 year old Sheepadoodle to the grommers and came back with a Poodle!

Now you can really see the parti poodle spots on his neck and legs.

Kathy's comment: I think both your Sheepadoodle and your Poodle are gorgeous....love the way he kept his black....do they get along? ;o)

The shorter cut, his hair looks like velvet!

Meet Suzi, a Havachon

Hello Kathy! We LOOOOOOOVE our Havachon that we bought from the ACC Ranch back in December of 2007 (Pink Collar, we call her Suzi). Actually, we call her everything from Tuzi, to Zizzer-Zazzer-Zoo, because she reminds us of a character from a Dr. Seuss book after she comes home from the groomer :)

Honestly, she is such an integral part of our family and just about the sweetest thing I could EVER imagine. She is such a love and we are so grateful to you for providing such a wonderful member of our family. I attached a couple pictures for you too.

I am also writing to ask you about German Short Hairs. Our son Cade (He is in the picture attached) is obsessed and doing his best to convince us we need one. So... how would a German Short Hair interact with our Havachon? How much will it shed? We are bigtime pheasant hunters, so I have to admit I would LOVE to have a good hunting dog. However, my wife and I are skeptical that we'll be able to give him the daily excersize he will need. Can you provide any insight? The shedding is a big negative for my wife too...

Thank you Kathy!

The Austins

Meet Buffet & Bridgett, the Ttoodles


Hi Kathy!


They are soooo cute!!!! Especially the little boy..

.I see lots of personality in him...

Geez, It's hard to remember our pups being that small...seems like ages ago! Enjoy your day.

I had to send you this pic of Buffett at Central Bark Doggie Day Care...

he loves the camera!

...Bridgett is now jealous! She wants her face on your Testimonial Page too next to Buffett's!

Here's a pic of her (action shot from Central Bark). Even though they are brother and sister, they couldn't be more different, both in personality & appearance!

But, we LOVE that about them! Thanks for making such wonderful puppies.

Carrie & Bob & kids

PS I included one of them together too!


Meet Candy, a Ttoodle

Hi Kathy!

We bought Yellow Collar from a 2008 9/11 litter from Irish and Dixie.

She is picture #25 in your animated book on the website.

Candy is a love. She stayed short, kept her coloring from birth with a little apricot on the ears.

This puppy could not have a sweeter or more intelligent temperament.

The way she watches and communicates and even has conversations with us, we are convinced she speaks English.

My husband was anti-dog & now calls her "our little girl." A tad sentimental!

She's 2 + a few months now. I wish we could have another.

I don't think we will, but what is the price and the wait time these days?



Meet Jenna, a Standard Poodle

Hi Kathy!

I just wanted to send you a brief update on our standard poodle puppy that we adopted from you. We have named her Jenna. She settled right in and is making herself at home. She's doing well with crate training and housebreaking. Everywhere I've taken her, we get tons of compliments and everyone comments on her calm and sweet temperament for an 11 week old puppy. Her vet visit was Wednesday and everything was fine there, too.

I'm attaching a couple pictures of her from her first days here for you to see. Jenna has made a friend in the 8-month-old sheepadoodle puppy who lives in the house behind ours...and I found out from talking to our neighbor, Kristy, that the puppy, Willow, is also an ACC Ranch puppy! Kristy said to tell you how pleased they are with Willow, that she has calmed down from her initial puppy hyperness and is a great member of their family. Once Jenna gets a little bigger, we'll let them play together but right now they play and exchange kisses through the fence. The yellow lab who lives next door even brought Jenna a Kong-bone "Welcome to our neighborhood" present yesterday - how sweet is that?!!!

Thanks for everything!


Meet Leo, a Havachon

Hi Kathy!

Leo is SOOOOO Awesome!!! I will forward you a picture this week. We are off to GA tomorrow am, he has already seen Vermont and Texas!!!

An update on Leo. He has now had all his shots except Rabies (will get that in January). He weights 6.5 lbs and turns four months on Friday. He is soooo wonderful and loved soooo much by my whole family. I am sending two pics for you. Feel free to use on your web page. He is my soulmate!! Thanks so much. And I have been sending lots of people your way, they all love Leo!



Meet Auggie, a Ttoodle

Hi Kathy!

He's a great dog!

Very loving and HUGE personality.

We love him!

Auggie the offspring of Leggs and Irish.

Born 11/19/2009


Meet Zoey, a Sheepadoodle

Hi Kathy!

Some new pics of Zoey

With our 15 month old son, Benjamin.

Zoey was born May 2008

(Charity and Payton pup).


Meet Marina, a Sheepadoodle

Hi Kathy!

I just wanted to let you know how Marina is doing.

She will be 3 years old on March 18th and she Is a very healthy, happy puppy and a big part of our family.

We just love her! Marina is truly the best dog!

Thank You Kathy

Frank & Joyce

Old Saybrook, Ct

Meet Ellie, a Sheepadoodle

Hi Kathy!

Just thought I would send you an update on our Sheepadoodle, Ellie. She is getting so big! She is so curious and friendly and cuddly and energetic and playful, I just can't imagine life without her! She LOVES the snow, one of her favorite things to do is to shove her whole head into the snow and to hop around in it. She has gone snowshoeing with us a couple times and just has a blast. She knows "sit" and "lay down", we are going to be getting her in puppy classes soon (I know it's a little late, but better late than never!).

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to love this pup with all our hearts! Ellie and I have a morning routine where she wakes up and comes in the bathroom to watch me get ready for work--she is so cute, I love spending time with her in the morning! I have attached a few of the millions of pictures we have of her. When I get my other computer up and running I will send more!

Thanks again and take care,

Krista and Jeff of Evergreen

Meet Koda, a Whoodle


Thought you might like an update on the furry one. Koda is doing very well. He is exceptionally smart and very sweet natured. Potty training is progressing, though slowly, and we still have the daily accident indoors.

He has about a fifteen word vocabulary at this point, including a half dozen commands, a few people, and his toys. He is good with all people and all dogs, though perhaps a little too playful for some dog's tastes.

Training a puppy is a lot of work, but we very much like having him around. I attached a picture that was taken a couple of weeks ago, when he was 11 weeks old and about 14 lbs.. Feel free to post it to your site, if you like. I'll keep you updated periodically. Hope all is well with you and Rick.



Meet Finnigan, the Standard Poodle

(that must be a popular name with Poodles!)

Hi Kathy!

Hi Kathy, Finnigan is doing super well!

We’re having a lot of fun with him.

We start Puppy Kindergarten tomorrow (Saturday).

I attached a couple of pics of Finnigan with my younger boys Quin (4) and Will (19 months). Finn is getting lots of attention!



Meet Finnegan, the Sable Tuxedo Standard Poodle

Hi Kathy!

The little pistol is doing great. Five days and no mistakes in the apartment. He is rambunctious and wonderful. I went and picked up the lovebirds and am wheezing like a steam-train. Will have to give them up and it will break my heart but am grateful for Finn.

He has had 2 visits with a trainer and we are working on off-leash stuff. He is ENORMOUS and a clown and wonderful. We finished puppy shots this week too.

He is fine with the birds flying around and Stuart even landed on him and he put up with it. I moved pretty fast on that one. We are all doing great.

Kevin says hello and we are sending you hugs and joy and hugs. Will send more photos as he grows and grows and grows..... hehe.




Meet Fenway, the Poodle

Hi Kathy I keep meaning to send you an update on Fenway the "super" poodle for awhile. We adopted Fenway from you the week before christmas last year, so he is a little over one year old. I have attached pictures of the big boy for you. As you can see he has some friends, but his favorite is Cooper. He likes to sit on him. .

Fenway has been amazing, thank you so much, he is so smart and I have managed to turn our 70 pound poodle into a lap dog, yes a lap dog. he loves to sit in your lap. He does not realize that he is to big to be a lap dog, he just loves to sit in your lap. He also loves going for his walks. He has memorized where all the dogs are located on his walk, and speeds up so he can get to them quicker to say hello. The thing he loves most though, is sleeping on the bed, he stretches out, takes up all the space, and gets huffy when you kick him off. We all know who is king of our household. Thanks again for giving us such a great dog!!! Take care Jenni and Justin

Meet Wally, the Sheepadoodle

Hi Kathy!

We are just SO in love with our little man! We named him Wally and he is doing great!!!!

We are having a wonderful time with him!

He is doing really well with potty training too..such a smart dog! He loves the snow! He is quite adventurous! We took him with us to Vermont for the weekend,he is a well traveled dog! Been in four states in less than 3 days :)

Took him to the vet on Wednesday,got a clean bill of health! He is just the sweetest boy! We love him so much.

Hope you have a happy new year!

Thank you!!!


Meet Pebbles & Mona, German Shortharied Pointers

Hey Kathy,

Just wanted ot give you an update on my 2 wonderful helpers their names are Pebbles and Mona going on 10 weeks now and tons of help they have so far helped with the laundry (dragging durty underwear around the house also helps with the floor) doing the dishes is their favorite chore although I wish they would wait until they are clean before removing them from the dishwasher, outside chores can be confusing as they think the hose looks good where ever they put it and they also think it should be in smaller pieces (easier to move around I think) we did attempt corral cleaning today and I didnt even have to ask for their help each one of then grabbed a giant cow pie and procede to remove it from the corral albeit in their stomach well thats it for now will keep you posted on their new accomplishments....D

Meet Buster, the Havanese

Hey Kathy,

I wanted to send you a few updates on Buster. He had his vet appointment the Tuesday we brought him home. He weighed 3.4 pounds, received another set of shots, and got a clean bill of health. The Vet had only seen one other Havanese in her career so she was pretty excited. As a matter of fact, she really took to Buster.

He's learning potty training well with just a few accidents here and there. He has been sleeping pretty well--last night was his best night at seven hours. He went out today and was a little distracted by the snow falling. He just stood and looked up. He loves our backyard and going for walks on his leash. The neighborhood has met him along with the elderly lady across the street.

The next door neighbors have a little dog we introduced Buster to, but he wasn't too thrilled. He doesn't like the vacuum very well (understandably so!) and loves his play sock, kennel, and his "brothers." I hope you're well and had a good Thanksgiving. Your advice with Buster has been wonderful and very helpful.

Blessings to you, Kathy! Ronalee

Meet Stella, the Standard Poodle

Hey Kathy,

Just wanted to give you an update on Stella. She is doing great in her new home. We absolutely love her! We met with the vet on Wed. and all went well.

She is doing so good. Potty training is coming along and she is doing great with sit and down. She's SO smart. She even found her way out of the gated kitchen, she's quite the escape artist. We have her trapped now with a few reinforcements.

Can't thank you enough for providing us with such a great puppy. She's Awesome!! We say that everyday. We'll keep you posted,

Sadie and Chad

Meet Romeo, the Havachon

Hi Kathy:

Our little Romeo turns 1 yr old tomorrow...he's such a wonderful addition to our family we couldn't enjoy him any more if we tried. We're anxious to get another Havachon once his lab brother passes although they're great friends in the mean time. We're just a small dog kind of family now.

PS. He passed puppy class in the spring as valedictorian and became an official canine good citizen too!

PSS. His picture is attached but I have it marked 'daycare' bcuz the kids had a water day that he supervised the day the photo was taken.

Kim and Van

Meet Movida, the Sheepadoodle

Hi Kathy:

Just wanted to drop you a note to say that all is well and wonderful. Movida (her name, formerly 'blue collar', which cracks me up) is getting along well. She's really quiet, and confident, and curious, and playful. Just really comfortable with new surrounding and new people. She's not a fan of when we leave, which I'll take as a good sign.

Dude has been just great. He's not quite ready to play, but is happy to share everything. Movida is FASCINATED by her big brother and wants to be with him all the time.

So we're all incredibly happy, and incredibly tired. Mary says she is 10x easier than The Dude when he was little. Only 2 accidents so far and she tried to warn us, so she's a real smartypants. Something tells me she'll be in charge of the house in no time.

Thanks for everything you did to make her so well-adjusted. It's amazing what you do.

Hope your week quiets down a bit, but from the look of it, you have quite a few litters to deal with.

Lots of love,

Paul, Mary, Movida, and The Dude.

PS - Attached is a pic of Movida with Mary's best friend's daughter. It was love at first sight for those two.

Meet Sparky, the Yorkie

Hi Kathy:

What a busy summer with kids & dogs!!

Sparky is a darling member of our family.

We are so very glad that we were able to bring him home.

We think of you often & are thankful for your great work with dogs!

Tiffany & McCoy

Meet Rylee, the Ttoodle

Hi Kathy:

My wonderful female TToodle Rylee was born almost one year ago! We picked her up from you the day after Thanksgiving! What a wonderful pet she has been. I love her so much, she is sweet and loving (loves everybody) and does not have a mean bone in her body.

She has a great mischievous personality that keeps us laughing. I keep her hair short in a puppy cut and love it! She weighs about 18 pounds and is bigger than I thought she would be but actually we love her size!

I have attached a recent photo, thought you might enjoy seeing what happen to one of your kids!

Hope all is well in Peyton!


Newport Beach, CA

Meet Binnsley, the Sheepadoodle

Hello Kathy,

Here is a picture of Binnsley before her summer hair cut.I will take a picture of her new doo and send it.

9 months old, weighing in at 55 pounds

Loves people, dogs and agility courses. Of course she is the smartest dog in obedience and agility at 9 months!!!!

Thank you again!

Steve and Debbie

Meet Lucky, the Sheepadoodle

HI Kathy,

We adore him.

My son, John, is beaming and just keeps saying,

"I love you, boy! You are the best dog in the whole world!!"

Thank you!!!

Meet Kirby the Whoodle

HI Kathy,

Finally getting a chance to send some pictures of you for your website. Kirby was born Jan 1, 2009, to Paddy and Paris a black phantom poodle. Anyway, look how much he has grown and changed. When he has a short puppy haircut, he is brindled and we get tons of compliments on him. When his coat is left longer, it is a soft, gray, brown, and white color. Seriously, when he is cut short we have so many people stop and ask us what he is, where did he get those colors, what breed is he, etc., etc., He seriously looks like a tiger and the pictures don't do it justice.

He has been a great dog-- easy to train, can be left alone in the house (not in a crate) without any concerns, rarely barks, healthy, loves to play but can be mellow if the day calls for that, doesn't shed at all, and a good canine citizen-- not aggressive at all. The sweetest thing that he does is goes room to room at night and sleeps in each of the girls bedrooms (3 of them) for a few hours.

I'll see if I can find a picture of him when he was just a pup too, for comparison sake!

Kim and Tim Mason, Ellis, and Harper

Meet Violet. the Whoodle


We are in love!!!!!!!!! She's a cutie! Keeping us on our toes. Looks like her name is "Violet" although she does explore like Dora!! She sleeps next to our bed in a crate and gets up between 3 and 4am but poops and wees outside. Then she sleeps until about 5 (needs petting) and back to sleep until 7sih. Not too bad! She's been attacking the vacuum and the broom and already fell into the pool (Luckily it's 55 degrees in the pool and 65 outside this morning). She swam to the side and got out with a little help. The good news . . . now she is staying away from the pool.

She's attached to Conor (our 10 year old) and stays at his feet when she can't be on him. She's a keeper!!! She goes to the vet tomorrow morning for her shots. We'll send pictures when we download them. Thanks for such a great pup!!

Athena and crew

Meet Ricco, The Sheepadoodle

Hi Kathy, Hope all is going well with you. I thought you might find it interesting to know that Ricco will be 9 months old and he is now up to 76 lbs!

All muscle...no fat! And he is still filling out.

What is your biggest Sheepadoodle on record? We might break the record with him. :)

He is a rascal but we love him. Tim and Family

Meet Shylo, the Tibetan Terrier

Hi Kathy,

Here are some recent pictures of the love of our life- Shylo. Can you believe how big he has gotten. He is full of life and so much fun.

Hope things are going good for you!

Take care

Thanks again for all you did for us.

Carol and Richard

Meet Webster, the Poodle

Hi Kathy,

Webster is now 67 pounds, stands 29 inches at the shoulder, and is a charming and friendly sort. The vet says he has the heart of a marathoner (slow, even in the vet's office) and is well muscled and absolutely healthy.

By this time next year I hope to have him certified as a therapy dog. He is VERY friendly and very gentle with old dogs and old people.

I love getting your poodle updates and would love to get Webster a companion when I decide what I am going to be doing next year and where I am going to be doing it!

Thanks for breeding such a great dog!


Meet Molly, the Sheepadoodle

Hello Kathy,

I have been meaning to send this to you since Molly turned 1 in July. Time got away from me. Molly is doing great, she has been in puppy class & obedience. She is quite a silly girl, as you can see from that pool table picture.

She is really into birds- She has caught 2 so far, not sure why. She sometimes jumps at the window at the birds... (shouldn't they be sheep?? ) ha Just Kidding.

Anyway, she weighs 58 lbs. She is a happy girl & we love her so much. Your puppies are beautiful! Thank you so much! Love from Minnesota!

Meet Herbie, the Whoodle

Kathy, here are some of my recent photos of Herby (now 4.5 months). He now goes to off leash dog parks and doggie daycare and prefers to play with doggies his own size. He is intimidated by the big ones. He weighs 25.5 lbs. and is pretty much totally housebroken except for a few pees now and then. He and I are going to obdience class and will let you know when we finish. His worst behavior is jumping and biting when he greets people and other dogs so we are working on that. Overall, he is a joy and we love him so much! As you can see, Brendan and McCoy visited Labor Day weekend and they were amazed at how much he had grown. Did you ever hear back from the lady from Richmond, Vt. who came to see Herby? Hope you are doing well.........Donna, Mike and Herby

Meet Kalinka, Kai for short, a Havachon

Hi Kathy, I don't know if you remember me but I graciously received a puppy from you when my little poodle was stolen last year; I can't thank you enough for helping me get through that difficult time while my husband was on deployment.

Well we're back in California and things are great, the puppy is named Kalinka or Kai for short; Its Russian for "Little snow berry" and the name fits her well. Shes going to be a year old this month I believe and shes doing great with us. We're currently expecting our first child in February and know Kai will be a great dog around the baby because of her love for small children.

I've attached some photos and I hope all is well with you! Once again, thank you so much for your kindness it really meant a lot to me.

Meet Cayenne, a Ttoodle

Hi Grandma! Sorry we didn't get pictures sooner but I couldn't get Mom and Dad to get me cleaned up for picture day sooner. As you can see I have grown up and now weight about 9 pounds. My vet, who I like because she always has treats for me, thinks I'll only get to about 12-13 pounds. I quess Mom and Dad don't want any more puppies around as I go in for my surgery on October 1st. They are also going to chip me so if I ever get lost they will know where to return my devilish little self to.

I was enrolled in Doggie school but only lasted one session because I am so darn smart. I can already do what they were going to teach me in eight weeks of school so I couldn't see going every week and making the other dogs seem inferior. I quess it helps that Dad is home with me every day.

I think Mom and Dad are happy with me as they now let me sleep on the bed with them. Beats the heck out of the kennel. I have not chewed anything in the house except for a few toes. I don't like the taste of the furniture etc. I know, puppies are supposed to chew everything in sight but I guess I don't want to spoil a good thing.

I miss my brothers and sisters but have made new friends here. Some of them are really big or maybe it just that I am so small.

We could not have made a better decision. We are so pleased with Cayenne.

Meetr Otis, the Whoodle

Hi Kathy!

IWe thought you might want to see a picture of one of your babies..."Otis" is from Paddy and Paris & we got him in February from you. He is getting so big!!! He loves to go hiking with us & so we took his picture.

Thanks for everything,

Angela & Victoria

Liberty, Sheepadoodle

Hi Kathy!

I thought I would send you some pictures of Liberty.

She has gotten sooooooo big, and weighs about 85lbs...

What happened to my little puppy??

She is an absolute sweetheart, and we love her so.

Hope all is well with you and your family.

I enjoy looking at your website.

Take care, Deborah

Teva & Cowyn, Ttoodles

Hi Kathy!

I thought you might like to see some updated pictures of Teva and Cowyn, our little Ttoodle babies. They are almost 2 now and still the greatest little pups around.

Teva is a little cuddler, she curls up and snuggles any time she gets a chance. Cowyn is quieter but he loves to play tug or chase the toy. Teva only likes to chase things when Cowyn is trying to get them.

They are great company for one another during the day and both love to snuggle up to us at night. Teva is 17-18 pounds now; Cowyn about 24-25 pounds. So both are a decent size and very healthy.



Jack & Nala, Standard Poodles

Hi Kathy! I am sending you some recent pictures of Jack and Nala.

They are doing really well -- Jack got to 80 pounds (like you predicted) a couple of months ago and now I am cutting his chow back just a bit so he doe not get too heavy. He looks fabulous! So black you can hardly see his face!

Nala is 60 pounds and a real live wire! Everyone who sees her is enchanted with her coloring -- very exotic! We still want to come out to visit but don't know when. I will be in touch. I have enjoyed keeping up with the activities at ACC via your web site -- those puppies sure are cute!

Hope you are having a good start to 2010!


Bijiou & Kiowa, Whoodles


Hope you had a Merry Christmas and thought you would like to see a few 3 month photos of Kiowa and Bijou. They have grown really well and they are a lot of fun to be with!

As you can see from the photos, they love the snow and love to be outside, although there is a downside to letting them run in the yard. They are eating everything in sight, pine needles, pine cones, twigs, deer and other animal feces, peanut shells, gravel, etc

Everything considered, they are doing well and even though the time between 19 Dec and today has been extremely full with lots of people at the house and us going to others, they are adjusting very well. They socialize really well with our grand daughter's Spike, an 18 pound Terrier mix who is an energetic dog.

Have a happy new year.


Gingersnap, the Standard Poodle

Hi Kathy & Rick!

Just wanted to say hi and send some updated photos of Ginger Snap! She is four months old now and doing great!

We found a great Boarding Kennel/Doggie Day Care very close to us (also where she was groomed), and Ginger has gone to the Doggie Day Care a couple of times and really enjoyed it.

We're just getting her prepared for when we need to be out of town. She is also attending "Puppy School" at PetsMart and doing well - we like the teacher a lot!

Hope you are all doing well!

Len & Colleen

Zelda the Standard Poodle

Hi Kathy,

Just wanted you to know that Zelda (black female from Liberty and Buster) is doing great.

She went to her first puppy class last night and it went fine---she knows several commands already. She seems more people oriented than puppy oriented right now---but that's probably because she has met a lot more people that puppies. I can take her to work with me, so she gets lots of socialization. There were 2 goldendoodles there from down by you!

I've attached a picture from the week after we brought her home, when it was so cold!

She is a great dog===very smart and loving and a total cutie!

Deane and Greg

Chase the Sheepadoodle

Dear Kathy,

I hope that you guys are doing well! We LOVE your website...it is so Christmasy!!! It was so funny, as I was on the one page, you have the "Oh Holy Night" song and it came on the radio!!!

Kathy, we got 22 inches of snow yesterday through this a.m. So, I thought it was a great day to get some updated pictures of Chase...he is still a stinker. He does not think he is any different than the kids...he really believes he is one of them!!! He is beautiful and playful and big. Just had him groomed...bad move with this snow. Will send two e-mails...file too large.

Santa has a nice bundle of things for him this year!!! He has a beautiful red velvet collar with big brass bells with green velvet bows around each. He is all decked out!

We wish you and Rick and all of your family, a very Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy and Blessed New Year!!!

May God Bless you all!!!

With love, The Shragher Family

Boodles the Whoodle

Hi Kathy, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I thought I would send you a few pictures of Boodles the Whoodle as his 1st birthday is coming up on January 1st. All of the photos were taken this summer, except for the first photo, which was just taken a few days ago. His coloring continues to change. Originally he was almost black with golden highlights on the tips of his fur. As he matures, he is a mix of black, brown and silver. Who knows what color we will finally end up with.

He is a very sweet dog and we just love him! We enrolled him in puppy school at a young age and is obedient (for the most part). He is smart, but can be stubborn at times too. He has lots of energy. We take him to doggy day care once a week and have been told that he runs and plays all day long. He is exhausted when he gets home, but is very happy too. He gets along well with other dogs, but also knows to stay away if a dog is not friendly. We are so glad Boodles is a part of our family and thank you for such a sweet, lovely dog.

All the best to you and yours in the new year.

Sincerely, Diane and Bob from Washington



Hi ma'am - hope you had a great Christmas!

Mello is doing great at 3 months old and growing.

We love him so much!

Myron and Nancy from Colorado

New Puppy


thanks so much for our new puppy--she's so sweet! She did get sick on the way home, like you said she might

. But she's using her paper and enjoys going outside with Bailey.

You made Christie a VERY happy girl!

Kathy from Colorado


First snow for Hunter!

He loved it and kept running through it!

What a great dog - we are loving him and he is so responsive.

Thank you!

Ginny from Colorado


Hi Kathy and Rick, Merry Christmas to you. I am having lots of fun with my MOP (mother of puppy) D and POP (papa of puppy) DC! We play all the time, especially with Big Bear and Fat Dog. I'm 25 pounds now and am so smart I got to skip puppy school. I can sit, stay, loose leash walk, wait at corners when we're walking, and retrieve a toy. Although I don't always like to give up my toy, I will always bring it back. I can even give high fives, down lows, and slap tens. I learned to go 'outside' really early on and other than sneaking a Kleenex or napkin out of the trash occasionally, I am a really good girl and will start the intermediate training class on Tuesday.

POP says I'm the best snuggle buddy he's ever had, and I try to be a really good girl. I love our Christmas decorations and have only gotten in trouble once for trying to eat a big snowmans broom. Now I only sneak in an occasional lick or sniff because I don't want to be on the naughty list. We have lots of kids in our neighborhood, and I love to play with them. I still get afraid when I see a really big dog, but my best friend is Big Mac, a Golden Retriever, who lets me jump all over him.

Mop, Pop, and I all hope you the dogs and puppies have a very happy holiday. Say hi to my original mom and dad, and please let us know when to watch the TV show with Rick and the GSPs. I hope you like my Christmas picture. Pop got me my beautiful holiday coat, which even has a red hood and a Christmas tree design on the back. I LOVE it because it makes me look very stylish, and it keeps me warm. Love, Tigger

P.S. Mop and Pop named me that because I hop, hop, hop everywhere I go, and Big Bear is my best friend. I've had him since I was 10 weeks old, haven't chewed one hole in him, and drag him everywhere I go.


Hello Kathy, looks as if you've been busy...Here is our guy as he approaches his first birthday. We've had a ball with him....call him GG for Goofy Gus. The snow shots are after our first serious storm and I just finished the driveway and Gus just loved being "downwind" of the blower trying to catch the soft stuff. He loves being wet, finding the best way, wherever we may be. The other pics are from a walk near by...he is a bit stubborn sometimes, must be the terrier in him! I run him daily, using a "chuck-it"...We enjoy seeing Gus in your "Woodle Book" on the web. Gus sure loves the dishwasher, is that him in your dishwasher??? Thanks for all...we may be in Co next year sometime and would love to show off your "project"!


Hi Kathy

Hope all is well! We are trying to get everything together for Christmas, gets crazy!

Molly Loves to play out in the snow, sometimes we have to tell her she will catch a cold if she doesn't come in. ;)

She seems to enjoy the cold weather.

She is doing great!

I hope your having a wonderful winter -

Talk to you in 2010!

Happy New Year too.

The Bonchers



Hi Kathy

Everybody loves her and wants to stop and pet her. She's good with other dogs and people and children. I have given your name and ACC Ranch name to a few people who might be interested in contacting you about a puppy, but not necessarily a Havachon, maybe one of your bigger mixed breeds.

I've included a few of Gracie's recent pics. The one of her in the red coat was taken within the last couple of weeks when we had that snow storm. The coat was my Yorkie's and will not fit Gracie very soon. Still able to use some of Michaela's harnesses until Gracie outgrows them. 2 weeks ago she weighed 4 lbs 8 oz. She's probably closer to 5 1/2 lbs now at 15 wks. Vet still thinks she will ultimately be 8-10 lbs. Hope so... .

Thanks so much, Sidney


Hi Kathy

He's a smart "little" fellow and now taking 2nd training classes. Again, picked up on sit, down, stay, leave it in a nano-second. However, Al came home laughing last weekend, saying they had to embarassingly stand in the corner for 20 minutes because Shamus is the only pup with A.D.D. and just wanted to romp and play with other dogs. The attention 'thing' is pretty obvious, for he spends every evening emptying his toy box behind the sofa. I feel like I have my toddlers again when I spend 10 minutes cleaning up the family room before bed!

Seriously, we are absolutely delighted with him! Love him, love him, love him! Each day is better as far as 'accidents', he LOVES riding in the car with windows down and sitting in the back with his big old ears flapping in the breeze, and he is such a (think I mentioned it before) Momma's baby. Whines if I just leave the room to go upstairs.

Meet Boomer

Hi Kathy

This is an update on your 'grandchild' whom we named 'Boomer'. he is a delight. he is smart, cute, funny, not afraid or fearful, like our schnauzer was. He doesnt whine or bark when we put him in the crate. He is making steady progress on the housetraining. Today was the first day without an accident. I will be glad when his adult teeth come in and he stops being such a biter. This evening he was chewing on a chunk of granite for 10 minutes before I caught on. He is bigger everyday. he weighs 13 lbs. now, probably doubled in size since I picked him up on Nov. 25.,, yesterday there were some deer close by, I was relieved that he didnt chase them, and surprised when he pointed on them. We are very happy with him, and he seems happy and totally at ease with us.

Tom and Georgina from Monument, CO

Meet Sadie

Hey Kathy,

When it got bitterly cold I noticed that when Sadie was out for her walk she would stop and raise a paw like her feet were cold. Then one day she just sort of fell down and curled up like she couldn't walk anymore, so I picked her up and carried her back to the apartment and immediately sat down and made her some new "shoes". She's not very happy when I put them on her, but she can stay out in the cold a lot longer and actually starts prancing around. They make her walk a little funny, but they do keep her feet warm.

She wasn't happy about the picture taking either...but all for the comfort of warm toes! Thought I would share this with you....she is a hoot, and I love her to pieces.

Merry Christmas!


Meet Norman

Hi Kathy,

We just wanted to let you know how much we love our Norman. He is so very happy. We could not have asked for a more perfect pup. Potty training went well, he is crated at night and so far that works great. He has a lot of energy, I remember you telling me that the dog will take on the energy of its environment and we have two teenage boys so there you go! He loves to run super fast. Puppy class helped all of us with him, he will sit, and high five, lie down, stay, and leave it the last two commands work much better with a treat of chicken. The one thing we have not been successful at is getting him to come. The treat of chicken helps with that but sometimes not. We will continue to work with him. As far as the pool friends of ours suggested that we get him in soon to teach him how to find his way out of the pool. He is 100% pool safe ( it did take several lessons). He really doesn’t care much for the pool. He never gets in on his own but maybe that will change. Norman weighs in at a solid 17 pounds, and around 20 or 21 inches from a sitting position. Hope things are going well for you.

Thank you so much for all you do. We feel lucky to have found you.

Maureen, Cliff, Alex, and Austin

Meet Izzie

I have to truly say that she has become such an intrical part of our family! She is just a perfect fit! At any given time she is totally laid back with her dad (literally on her back with getting her stomach rubbed or sound asleep spread out with her paws laid out beside her - see her asleep picture!) then in the next instant she can be playing tag with the cats running all over the house! She is so smart an has such personality! Dustin and Brooke just love her and they constantly argue over who she is going to sit with on the sofa!

Before school was out, she would walk with me every morning and she loves it. She gets so excited when we get her collar and leash! People in the neighborhood always want to stop and pet her and ask what kind of dog she is. She loves the attention and she has made friends and has play dates with a couple of the dogs in our neighborhood!

> She just had her first 'big girl' hair cut last month. She was close to six inches long! She is just a huge fluff ball. John did not want to have her cut, just a puppy trim and it was just too hot on her even in the air conditioned house. So we had her trimmed down to about two inches all over and she still is a fluff ball!

Our biggest challenge with her was the potty training. It was much easier after I started working from home and was with her all day. She is pretty much potty trained now. She has very few accidents now if we take her out like we should.

I can't even begin to tell you how happy we are to have her in our family. I had a peek-a-poo for eighteen years and John had a golden retriever for just about as long, so he, nor I ever thought we would get attached to another dog. Isabella was for Dustin and Brooke - yeah right - it has not quite happened that way! We all love her dearly!

Thanks again for allowing her into our life!

Lisa Concord, NC

Meet Allie

Hi Kathy:

Meet Allie

Hi Kathy:

Do you remember Allie from your Fall 2008 Whoodle litter? I thought you might be interested in how Allie is doing 1 year after her birth. In short, Allie has been the perfect dog for our family. She is very calm, submissive, obedient and intelligent. In a very short amount of time, she was completely potty trained… ringing a bell which hangs on a door handle to let us know when she wants to go outside and also when she wants to come back in. She learned the usual doggy commands quickly (sit, stand, lay down, stay, etc..) and she passed Doggy Training School in April. She is very respectful and adheres to the rules we established in our home. Since we have a larger home, she has plenty of free space to roam. However, she is not allowed in the formal rooms on the first floor or on the second floor at all. She has never challenged that rule. When were upstairs, she patiently waits by the doorway until we return.

We feel Allie has an excellent life. She receives lots of love at home, her mild manner makes it easy for us to spoil her. She loves playing with our son, because he lays down on the floor and lets her jump all over him and lick his face. She also likes going for a walk, when she hears the word, her ears perk-up and she heads towards the back door. She tends to prefer cooler weather and during the winter she enjoyed laying on our back deck or playing in the snow. She likes to put her whole face right in the snow and then roll around in it. On those occasions, she came in covered with little snow balls and would look at me as if to say, "boy that was fun!". Every weekday since her arrival, Allie eagerly goes to a local nursing home with my wife where she provides and receives love from the residents and staff alike. She has a core group she visits daily. In the backyard, the nursing home has a large fenced area where Allie loves running aimlessly. We received many inquiries and complements about Allie. The consensus is that she has an excellent temperament especially considering her young age. We even had someone ask if we would be willing to sell her. Of course, we could not do that. Although Allie enjoys people, she also likes her own space. After a tiring day, you may find her relaxing near a door, in a corner, or under our kitchen table. When Allie cannot be with us for long periods of time (i.e. vacations), we have a professional doggy sitter come to our home several times a day to care for her. She likes this better than being boarded.

If all that is not enough, Allie is even going to college….well, kind of…..we are taking her to visit our son who is a freshman in college. He is 3 hours away and she has not seen him since he left in mid-August. I am sure she misses him, we cannot wait to see their reunion at the end of this month.

Of course no dog (or human for that matter) is perfect. The only issue we have with Allie currently is barking. In general, she is not a barker and barks far less than most dogs. Let me tell you a little story. One night, Allie started pacing between the back entrance and our family room (which is separated by about 40 feet) where my wife and I were watching television. When she came in the family room, she faced-us, sat, and starred at both of us. After a few seconds, she repeated the pacing and starring. Since she always rang the bell to tell us when she wanted to go outside (which she did not do this time), we could not understand what was wrong. Finally after the third time, I decided I better go investigate. When I reached the back entrance, I realized that the bell had been accidentally misplaced - it was not hanging on the door handle. The point is, she never once barked. She had a very passive, but effective approach to let us know something was wrong. However, over the last couple months, she has been barking a little more and given her work as a therapy dog at a local nursing home, any consistent barking can quickly become annoying to the residents and guests. So, we are working with Allie to encourage her to reduce her barking. I am sure she will get the message.

Today, my wife is serving cake to the residents at the nursing home in celebration of Allie's first birthday. Although we have never given Allie table food, I have a feeling a piece of cake my fall to the floor today.

Lastly, we all love Allie and are glad she came into our lives. Attached are 6 pictures that show the different faces of Allie. Although she looks like a Wheaten more than a poodle, the hair on the top of her head has recently changed from being wavy to curly poodle hair. We see a keen resemblance to her Papa Paddy.

Tony and Dawn from New York

Meet Molly

She is about 9 lbs! Doing so great, getting lots of play time & sleeping in between. Last night was great, she slept in her kennel next to our bed with the door open. I propted it up so I could see right into the kennel. She has been going potty outside, one one accident on the floor(so far...) Her poops are normal too - Do you love all the details?!?!? heheh

Have a Great Day!

Keep making more wonderful Pups!


Hey Kathy,

miss chatting with you and I know you are sooo busy because I check your updates almost every day to see where the puppies are going...Took Amoire' to get her Revolution yesterday and they weigh her each month--she is a whopping 79 lbs. Are you kidding me - I weigh 100lbs and she is stronger than I am. She is a real sweetie and she learns sooo fast. We go to the dog park across the street twice a day - she runs for the first 3 minutes with the dogs and then she decides getting "love" from the other owners is much more important...

She is definitely a people person dog and she loves the world except for the skateboardes, bicycilist, and motorcyles!!!!!! She guards our home from all the walkers with her big bark until they say "good-morning Amoire'" and then she is all theirs!!!

She makes me laugh each and everyday with all her playful, full of fun, things she does. She has Sal trained to rub her legs, paws, back, etc. and if he doesn't - she cries like a baby..it's sooo pathetic...guess I need to get on the floor and raise my legs like she does - for my leg rubs... Thank you for a wonderful dog - we are very happy with her..and we think of you often. Keep up the good work with all the good things you do.. Don't overwork yourself (that's a laugh huh) ?

Until then, Rosemary

Meet Good Golly Miss Molly!

Hi Kathy,

I thought that I would update you on Good Golly Miss Molly! What a name! Anyway Molly is doing very well. She is definatly a BIG girl, at 8 months she stood 25? tall and weighed 58 pounds! Please tell me she is going to stop growing!!!

We have a neighbor dog that likes to come and visit and they play for hours together. They are close in size and energy level. We have gone to puppy school and she did very well.........


Meet London!

Hi Kathy,

London update..... She is doing awesome!!!!! And growing!!!!! She loves to go to the park. She has her favorite toys and chairs she sleeps under. She helps with the laundry, mostly supervises sitting or laying down. She is so smart and has learned lots of manners. She has one more puppy kindergarten class left. She loves to play and fetch with Logan. Logan has started school and she waits for him to come home; sniff's him, chews on his backpack and take his shoes. She gives lots of kisses and is always happy.

We can't believe how these weeks have gone by........

Susan from Florida

Meet Chloe!

Hi Kathy,

Ok, let me just say again, THANK YOU!! We have the cutest, and best puppy that ever existed. My daughter and I took her over to Grand Lake today and couldn't walk 4 steps without someone stopping us and asking all about her. Between today and the weekends we've spent at the Boulder Creek, I'm sure I've sold a few for you - I've referred quite a few families to your website.

I've attached 2 pics. I've been taking a picture of Rylee holding Chloe every Sunday just to mark how big she's getting - so the first pic is the first Sunday we brought her home, the second was taken today. She's getting so big. We love her so much - thank you, thank you!!!

Amy, Rylee, and Tom

Meet Luna!

Hi Kathy,

Sorry I haven't e-mailed you sooner! We are absolutely loving Luna, she is such a great dog. She graduated from puppy kindergarten last week, and we're going to do the intermediate class now. The trainer was amazed at how good and smart she was, especially with stay (she'll stay forever, still as a log, and only come when we say "free"). Of course, she's a bundle of energy and gets into her fair share of trouble, but we are so in love with her.

She goes to work with Chris, so she's pretty spoiled and doesn't have to spend much time alone. Here are some pictures, I'll send more as she gets bigger. She already weighs about 26 lbs!

Thanks again for all your help,


Meet Lexie!

Hi Kathy!

It's been two months since we made the drive out to Colorado to pick up our little Chonzer, Lexie. I've wanted to send you pictures, but it's hard to get her to sit still for long enough. She flies through the house.

I can honestly say that since she and her big sister Harlow have come to live with us that there is never a dull moment. I finally have some pictures to share.

I hope you are having a good summer. Thanks so much!!


Albuquerque, NM

Meet Willow!

Hi Kathy!

Hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer-looks like you've had a few more gorgeous German Shorthair litters!

We love Willow so much we're already tempted to get another one! She's doing great and is beautiful, we receive many compliments on her.

She LOVES hiking and the mountains and playing with other dogs.

Joe is starting to train her with pigeons, and as you'll see in one of the pictures, she's very interested in the birds!

Take care!


Meet Stella!


I have attached a few of the many, many pictures of Stella. Her personality is definitely coming out!!! What a little shit!!! I think that she is lazy when it comes to the potty training...maybe she'll tell you (as she runs for the door) and maybe she will get up and just squat...whoo boy. :) The puppy shower went very well, she was very well behaved until she had had enough. Then she went and hid (though I can't blame her very much as we had over 50 people here).

And, get this, it's official........Stella stopped traffic!!! Yep! We were going to do an errand, one where she could go with me, and as we were at a stop sign, a car turning just stopped in the intersection and started pointing at her. You could read his lips when he said, "She is soooo cute!" (Honest to goodness) So there is a story that you can put on your web page! Ha!Ha! I just can't believe it! Oh well, at least we know he has impeccable taste.

The last picture is where she is laying directly in front of the air conditioning vent just willing it to come on. She scooted so close in that it was so funny. She has found that she likes our bathroom because it's cooler on the tile floor...and then she discovered that there was a vent there. I'm sure she thinks she is in heaven. Like I said, what a dog! We absolutely love her.

Have a wonderful rest of your week.


Meet Shekel!

Hi Kathy,

He is such a good dog. I take him on a 30-45 minute walk every morning and evening. He can sit, lay and come. He has had a couple accidents in the house but for the most part knows that he does his business outside.

He sleeps from 10:30pm to about 6am in a crate with no crying at all. He is a ton of work but we all love him very much.

I'll keep sending pictures as he grows.


Meet Cooper!

Hi Kathy,

I wanted to send along a picture of Cooper with the kids (Steven and Lauryn). They are absolutely loving the dog. I am so glad we found you and your Ranch. You have been so professional, courteous, helpful and most of all loving to the dogs! Cooper came home, went to the vet and got a VERY GOOD clean bill of health! I almost think they were surprised by how great he looked! Cooper is doing great, he has adjusted to our way of life and fits in perfectly. He is such a loving, playful dog. I have to share a little story that happened on the Tuesday after we got Cooper. I had a chocolate lab Tanner that was living with my husbands mom (because we just didn't have enough room for him to run), well Tuesday morning, we received a call that he had gotten hit by a car and died. I was so very upset because he really was my first baby (before i had kids) and he was a great dog. Although he will be sorely missed, i think there was a reason why we got Cooper when we did!

Again, thank you so much for taking the time to answer my questions when I had them and caring for Cooper and the other dogs with so much love. Everyone I talk to about Cooper, I tell them how much I love ACC Ranch and you and if they ever wanted a puppy to look you up!

Thanks again,

Cindy LeBeau

Meet Mac

Hi..... Just wanted to let you know that Mac "Mackenzie of Desert Ridge" is doing fine. He just turned one. Mac is the standard black with the white patch on his chest. He now stands 26" at the shoulder and weighs 75 pounds. Mac is still a puppy and gets into the usual puppy trouble. He has a great attitude toward life, every day is a party for him. He goes to the dog park every day and everyone knows Mac the friendly poodle. We are together almost 24/7 and go most every where together. As you can see I'm very attached to Mac. On Sundays we have a group of standard poodle owners that get together, 12 to 15 standards are there, and I must say I think Mac is one of the best looking dogs there. He has all the traits a good stand should have plus he's so friendly.

Thanks for selling me such a great poodle. I'd recommend your kennel to anyone.


Jack Green Valley , Arizona

Meet Noodle the Whoodle

Hey Kathy!

Finally, an update from the Noodle the Whoodle in Breckenridge. Here are a few pictures of our pup Noodle (at about 6 1/2 months) with our little boy Quinn. He has been such a joy, but also a handful (as you thought you would be- he is too smart for his own good!). We love him to death and wouldn't trade him for the world (well, on some days we would, like when he ate my glasses or when he, once again, has eaten the face off Quinn's stuffed animal).

Isn't it funny how Noodle and Quinn look alike? They are also both mischeivous...but so darn cute that they both get away with it! After all that looking, we did find the perfect match :) He weighs about 43 pounds- about what we expected. He is 7 1/2 months now and we are hoping he doesn't get any bigger. Thanks again for all your help! Thank you for all your help and patience as we picked out the perfect dog for our family!

Sara, Eric, and Quinn

Meet Barney

Dear Kathy,

Hi! How are you? I hope this Spring finds you well and happy. I wanted to update you on Barney and send you some pics.

He's a great dog and so loving. He recently graduated from puppy class and is going on to intermediate. He loves everyone and other dogs. He's trying to love our two cats but we have to keep them separated as one cat has become very athritic and won't tolerate him. He's still very puppy and a little to excited for our very old cats.

When the cats have gone to that big cat place in the sky, we'll be back to see you for a sibling for Barney. Standard poodles ROCK!!!

Take care and let me know how you're doing. We'd like to bring Barney out for a visit sometime this summer.

Best, Lia (and Mike and Barney)

Meet Riley

Hi there!

Pat and I just wanted to give you an update on our beautiful 9 month old Riley. He truly is the joy of our lives and has turned into such a wonderful dog.

He graduated from Dog obedience in January with flying colors. He plays daily, loves long hikes in the mountains and loves to curl up on the recliner next to whomever happens to be there.

I have attached a couple of photos of Riley so you could see just how beautiful he as turned out. He weights about 75 lbs and is about 25 inches tall at the shoulder...a very large young man.

We just really wanted to say thanks so much for bringing him into our lives...he really is a joy!

Thanks again...enjoy the photos.

Gail, Estes Park CO

Meet Guines

Kathy...Guines is just AWESOME!!!

We took Guinnes to the dog park today. She is shy but getting better.

Well, she showed just how much she loves Xander today. This boxer puppy with no manners what so ever came running at her and tried bitting and tackling her; she of course ran and tried to hide behind me. The owner came and took him away. Xander comes walking over to me and the dog comes running full force at him and knocks him over. He got a few scrapes.

I picked him up and told him it was o.k. and put him back down after he calmed down a bit. The dog comes back and tries getting after him again. Guinness stepped in front of Xander and took the blow just to save Xander. She did this 4 different times, even though she was scared of this dog herself she didn't want Xander to get hurt again.

She is just a great dog, and thank you for letting us adopt her.


Meet Alle


I had e-mailed you some pictures and a follow up telling you that Purple aka Alle the Bichon in the bus from a year ago is doing well! We have plenty more pics to share and a VERY happy and healthy pup. My childhood friend and husband went to CSU to become a vet and they have owned a clinic here in town for many years now. They are both very impressed with Alle?s disposition and health. Both commented on her personality and health before knowing she was bread or where we found her. This is a very good mark for you as they are VERY hard to please.

Anyhow, just wanted to touch base again and say thank you for our little Alle. I don't know if you remember, but there was a pup that my husband latched onto while we went and fed the calf. He and the kids often wonder if Alle needs a friend/sister/brother. We would have gone home with both puppies that day if the one my husband latched onto wasn?t spoken for. I think they?d all be interested in an addition so we?ll keep an eye on the website.

Take care, Beth

Silver Fantasy.com

Meet Shamus

I cannot say enough good things about this breeder. With great trepidation, I began searching for Whoodle breeders in hopes that I might find one on the East Coast. I hated the thought of having a puppy in the 'belly' of a plane for hours and arriving so traumatized, it would take him days to adjust.

Well..first of all, I can't even imagine going to another breeder for my dogs after this wonderful experience. Kathy is the kind of person that when you first talk with her, you could swear you've known her all your life. She made the entire process so exciting and as stress-free as possible. Our little guy came through the priority cargo area and out of his crate with kisses for everyone and a happy, wagging tail! She and Rick clearly love animals and make certain that PetAir works with airlines using temperature control cargo areas and staff who know how to delicately treat them. I was pretty much convinced I would want one of her puppies as soon as I read how they chose the name for their ranch (Saint Francis of Assisi?how appropriate!).

And, responsive is Kathy's middle name. We are 2 hours ahead of Colorado time, but she would return my emails almost before I could make my morning coffee (the woman doesn't sleep!) We are delighted with our little guy and it is very obvious that he came from a loving environment. He is healthy, well adjusted and so entertaining to watch playing with our 3-year-old Wheatie and 3 cats.

Kathy, you are the best! Thanks, Lynn

Meet Chewie

Kathy, Here are a few pictures of Chewie her final name. Her name has been change several times but ?Chewie? is final. The reason for the change is not just because she likes to chew but also because she sounds and resembles Chewbacca from Star Wars. Our daughter came up, looked at her and said ?chewie? and it stuck.

All is well and we absolutely love her to pieces. She and Holly play all the time during our walks and when just hanging around. Annie and I wanted you to know how thankful we are to have found you and your family for bringing us Chewie.


Meet Coco

Coco is doing great. She is such a special little girl, I love her to death.

She graduated top of her puppy class:-) We still are learning new tricks and working on old commands (tough on coming when I call her:-() Getting her first professional hair cut this week. They come to the house in a special bus. Husband holds the puppy while the wife cuts and blow dries her. They only take two dogs at a time and it is right in front of my house. I will send you pictures to show you her new look. She is one very hairy puppy right now...cute...

Needs her ears cleaned out and paws are so hairy it is funny to look at.

Hope all is going well with you and your family.


Meet Chase

Hi Kathy!

I apologize for not being in touch sooner. We are REALLY enjoying Chase. He is soooooooo big and fluffy and sweet and bad, and clumsy and funny and toddlerish!!!

He cannot sit still, I remember your nephew said that then...we should of known!!! He is so regal. When he lays down he crosses his two front paws. He just had another bath. He is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FAST WHEN HE RUNS!!!! HE IS ENJOYING HIS 4.5 ACRE YARD AND IS REALLY LOVING THE MULCH. He has a bark that would scare any burglar and he is growing into what is going to be one heck of a watchdog. We love him and he loves us. He loves his toys, but, will still grab the kids stuff and come over and sit right in front of you to show you that he has done that.

He LOVES to chase us and he loves to be chased. I have attached some Christmas card pictures (and attempts) with him. I will send more. Check out the one where Chase is giving my husband his paw...Mike was trying to just get him to sit down and he was throwing his big white fluffy and curly haired paws at him.

Any new litters? How are the other pups doing? Miss talking to you.

Take care,


Purl, a Whoodle

Hi Kathy, Happy New Year! I hope that you had a wonderful holiday season. Ours was all about Purl. We have had her 8 weeks now and boy has it gone by fast. She is such a joy in my life. She was crate trained in 2 nights. She knows her name, come, sit, lay down; shake and can walk nicely on a lead. She is learning roll over, wait and stay. She is growing at 2lbs a week she now weighs 24lbs.

We were talking to a teacher of the puppy club at the Denver dumb friends league. We are amazed to learn how the temperament of the dog is truly something that they are born with not something that is developed. There is a big difference between bad behavior and temperament. So again you are the best breeder ever. Thank you so much for breeding such wonderful dogs. Cathie

Meet Haylee...A Whoodle from a previous litter:

Hi Kathy, As promised ...a Haylee update.

Haylee is weighing in at about 33 lbs. She looks bigger than she is because of her beautiful coat. We can not tell yet exactly what color (probably many colors) she is going to be. She still has some the the beautiful midnight black but underneath in many places we are seeing colors ranging from a rusty brown, a charcoal grey or a snowy white. Her face has changed the most. It has many shades of grey and browns.

Haylee continues to be a fantastic addition to our family. She has surpassed all of our expectations, sometimes to our chagrin. She is headstrong and stubborn but that adds to her charm. She knows most of her commands but obeys them when SHE wants. We are working on this as we want her to be a dog that we can take with us and she will be a pleasure to be with.

Haylee is a fast learner. Usually showing her just one time what we want is enough. A small treat will get us any behavior we want-for as long as the treat lasts.She loves riding in the car. She is already a great travel companion whether it is going on errands with her Dad or long cross country treks.

She is also becoming a boater. She makes a pretty sight riding standing tall in the bow of our boat. Haylee is great with children, also. She and our Grandson played for hours,chasing each other around, on our last visit.

Haylee has an incredible personality: She doesn't just walk, she prances; She doesn't just run, she does so with glee; She greets everyone with such excitement that everyone just loves her...trying to keep her from jumping up on folks is a challenge we are working on.

Her communication skills are incredible. Whether she wants to go out, needs more water, wants a treat, or wants us to know she missed us she has her special ways of letting us know. Her observations skills are uncanny. She will let us know that there is comforter tossed on top of the bed that was not there before, that there is a large machine in the neighbors yard that is new or that the garbage cans that are in the street today were not there yesterday.

Best of all, Haylee, absolutely adores us. How lucky can we be? She loves to be with us and wants to go everywhere with us. On our walks she wants both of us to go . She can sense when we are getting ready to go out and prepares to come with us. However if she is not coming she obediently goes to 'her room' on command and waits patiently for us.

Bob said just the other day,"We sure made a great decision in getting her." Obviously, she has worked her way deep into our hearts!

I'm sending pictures, but they do not show her true beauty!


Hi Kathy, The puppies are doing great. I took them to their new vet today and he says they look great, their vet says they look good and everything seems okay. They are a bundle of energy, all our neighbors love them and of course so do we. Thanks, Tanya

Hi Kathy, Glad you got the pics. she is such a wonderful puppy already. She has only peed in the house (on the tile) one time. I open the door and she runs on the grass and goes instantly. She sleeps really well in the crate (I have a bigger one) which I sectioned off. Last nite at 1am. she cried - I took her outside and she did both of her jobs. I am amazed. She loves Bella and Bella (cat) hates her....it will take time, but, I am sure they will be friends. All the neighbors and my sisters just love her. She is so funny with her leash on - she doesn't like that much - but, we are on a training period for that. Thank you so much for such a wonderful pup- we adore her already - she is my love bug.......hi to Dalton and Dakota - love their names - we have a Dylan.... keep in touch, Rosemary

Hello Kathy, Both Sammie and Gracie are doing fantastic. They are such perfect puppies and we could not be more spoiled with them. They both have such distinct personalities too, its pretty funny. Gracie is more of the adventurer and braver or the two, but she is also more quiet and calculating. Samson is energy and excitement, but he looks to his sister for everything and needs to be around her at all times. We are just getting them used to not being together as Katie and I are moving into our new place, and Gracie is ok with it, but Sammie is pretty sad when she is not around. Also, Gracie seems to gravitate towards woman and Samson towards the men. We love them so much and they are both totally healthy. We had their second vet check-up a week ago and everything is healthy, not a scratch. I will try and send some pictures here soon so you can see them playing and Katie with them. Thanks again so much and I will make sure to send some photos. Hope all is well, Cory and Katie

HI Kathy! Just wanted to let you know that Liberty is doing great and is an absolute joy. She actually slept through the night last night. She is growing like a weed and we love her to death. Keep in touch, Deborah

Kathy: Sorry it has taken me so long to write you. Well doesn't our little boy look great after his first haircut!Harley Dude (D-Blue collar) is a wonderful little boy and doing just fine at our home in Fruita. Harley is about 25 pounds now and almost as big as a cocker. Harley has had 3 puppy training lessons at Petsmart so far and is the smartest puppy in the class, but we are somewhat prejudice. Next week he goes for his first hair cut. We are pretty sure that will go fine because you have trimmed his face a couple of times before we got him. We will send more pictures as he get older. Maybe one after his first hair cut. Thanks, Frank

Hi Kathy, Fiyero has turned into the most handsome guy. He is very large, I think probably bigger than his mom and Dad! but he is the gentlest, sweetest dog I have ever meet. We are so in love with him. If you ever get to see your mom in Westminster, you have to come visit as he is GORGEOUS!!!! By the way he learned to swim at the dog park pond in Louisville on Sunday. Went totally under after a ball, except the tip of his tail and came up with the ball and brought it back to us! He had everyone around in stitches, he is really precious! And huge! Thanks, Lannie

Kathy, Our little buddy is doing great! He is very well behaved, knows lots of tricks, and is a ridiculously affectionate dog. We have been meaning to send you some pictures. Everywhere we walk him people stop us to ask us what kind of dog we have, because he is so cute. Jeremy

Hi Rick and Kathy, Shane and I just wanted to check in and let you know how Sherpa is doing. He is such a wonderful dog! We have both bonded with him so much and he has such a personality. He picked up potty training in no time and he's learning obedience. He can sit, lay, come, shake, and high five. We've traveled with him quite a bit. He went to Boise with us for a race in early June and he's been to Steamboat several times. He just adapts to wherever he's taken and has no problem riding in the car - even on the 10 hour drive to Boise. (He slept on my lap most of the way). He doesn't have an aggressive bone in his body. He loves all people and animals and he's just a happy dog. We are doing our best to keep it that way. We live right across from a large park with an off leash dog area. I'm pretty conservative about letting him off the leash if there are more than a few dogs there because I just worry about him wanting to play with a dog and the other dog not being into it. We had one or two instances where the dogs were not friendly and I would hate to see him get timid around other dogs. Shane adores him! For someone who didn't want a dog he is so protective of him and is always down on the ground playing with him. However, he's a total mamma's boy!! He follows me everywhere. We have a lot of movie nights and Sherpa will snuggle up with me. He's sleeping in the bed (of course!!). He has his own little spot and loves it. He gets up at 5:45 on the dot and I'm always about half awake but I can sense him just looking at me - he never jumps on me or causes a stir, he just sits there and looks at me. Most of the time I will get up and we go to the park to play, but sometimes I need a few minutes and I say "sherpa just give mom ten minutes" and he will hop back into bed and snuggle for another few minutes. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know is doing fantastic and he is the best, cutest dog in the world! We absolutely adore him and you can trust he has a really good home. I attached some pictures of him, but they are after he's been running around outside so he's a little dirty. When I give him a bath I will send some more pictures -- he's a really great looking dog when I have him cleaned and brushed. Thanks again for giving us such a wonderful little guy! Shane and Kelly

Testimonial : I have bought many puppies in my life and I can honestly say that I have never come across a better breeder!! I actually was able to visit the home and the breeder where these puppies are bred. The home is clean, the breeder (Kathy) is so into breeding her animals and gives all her time to make sure that we receive the best of the best!! It takes a special person to do what she does! Kathy portrays kindness, love, dedication and integrity! I will most definitely buy again from this AWESOME breeder!! Our little Abbie is more socially interactive than I am! (If you knew me, you would find that hard to believe but it's true!)

Thank you for your hard work so that my family could love and enjoy our little Abbie!!

With Much Gratitude!

Brad, Christie, Donovan, Brianna and ABBIE!!!!

Hi Kathy, Dupree is such a great dog! He is the most gentle natured thing and we love him like crazy. He is so smart and has been a joy to have in our home. I thought you might like a couple new pictures of him...This one is a few weeks ago, but I love it. Our cat Ramona thinks it is her job to bathe the dog! Janae, Colorado

Kathy, Sorry it has taken so long to hear frome me, I know your wondering how your baby is doing? Well I will first tell you she is a blessing....We love her so much, I think it was meant to be. I looked for a long time here in florida in the newspaper week after week, then went on line and found you and your wonderful family. The day she flew in we went to petsmart to get a few things, and dropped her off in the groomers and got 2 pink bows one on each ear, and pink toenails, she was such a hit in there, almost didnt get her back! I would walk by while I was shopping and take a peak, she was just sitting there letting them do her feet like a pedicure... My husband is bonding with her also, she has been riding around with him to in the truck. When I do laundry, I open the dryer door, and she puts her to front paws up there and just watches while I fold them. She is quite a little lady. Gone through a few names, but nothing has stuck yet guess when it hits me I will let you know. Just want to thank you again, for all the emails and pictures over the weeks, it sure does not do them justice, she truly is a beautiful dog. Soon as I figure out how to send pictures they are comming. Just another day or two. Anyway I will stay in touch dont mean to bend your ear, I am just so impressed with my new baby, I just want you to know you have a gift and do a wonderful thing touching people through you puppies. Thanks again talk to you soon,

Lisa in Florida

Hi Kathy, Hope you are staying warm. Yoda is a great dog. She has the best personality and is very smart. Andrew enjoyed the puppy class and plans to take the basic class when she is six months old. Thought you would enjoy the graduation photos.

Elizabeth in North Carolina

We have had our German Shorthaired Pointer, Beignet, now for about a year and it is a good time to reflect upon our experience with her. We bought our pup from Rick and Kathy Fitzpatrick, knowing what we wanted was a tall order ? an enthusiastic and energetic hunting dog, but one that would make a manageable house dog and a pet for our kids as well. Well, here we are a year later and it seems we have the best of both worlds. With Rick?s help in field training and my daughter?s work on obedience training, Beignet is shaping up to be a fantastic hunter and fun loving family member. Beignet lives comfortably (perhaps too comfortably) in our kitchen, she enjoys our yard, the nearby park and plays very well with the neighborhood dogs?but when we head out to the hunt fields she is all business ? pretty remarkable for a 1 year old puppy!

When we picked Beignet from the litter, Rick and Kathy helped us identify mannerisms and characteristics of a pup which might be clues as to how she would be as an adult. We looked for an active and playful puppy that would have the confidence and stamina to hunt, but one that would easily accept training. As solid as Beignet seems to be in the field, remarkably, she recently won Grand Champion in a recent Arapahoe County 4-H Showmanship and Obedience Intermediate Class Competition. Despite the new environment there, and plenty of canine distractions, Beignet responded well to our daughter?s commands (sit, down, stay) and walked with the young handler like a champ.

That is Beignet?s story. For all the great progress we know she is still young and has a lot of work and maturing ahead (she does get a little too excited about our neighborhood rabbits), but honestly, we could not have asked for a better dog or for better help with her training! Rick and Kathy thanks to both of you!

Mike & Susu Dugas & Family

Greenwood Village, CO

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Before we begin the animal tour, please allow me to pay tribute to my dear nephew, Neal,

on behalf of his widow, Chelsie, and his 2 daughters, Rylee and Addison.

Click below to see a slide show of Neal's life.

We miss him dearly.

I couldn't resist, this is pink collar now named Alexis, with her new brother, Shady.. it's almost like they are sticking their tongues out, laughing at us in the cold weather (they are in Florida) ....Donna, thanks for the picture, it's too cute!

This is Olive, now named Dupree, with his new family member and best friend, Jack: They both look pretty intense about something out there!

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Okay, I confess, around our place, the animals rule! Below you will see pictures, all taken on our ranch, which shows many of our fat and sassy pets and livestock. We seem to have a little of everything, and they are all healthy and happy, and totally spoiled. Everyone here jumps when the animals call!

Our grandaughter, Shakyra, with the horses

Let us know if you have any other questions, thank you for visiting our site.

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Let us know if you have any other questions, thank you for visiting our site.

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