ACC ... Assisi's Country Critters

A tribute to St. Francis of Assisi, the patron Saint of the Animal Kingdom.

About Us

We have a very interesting background, both Rick and I spent years in corporate America. Once we reached our mid 40's we decided that life has to be better than that. We had always dreamed about having a home in the country...back then the dream was 5 acres. When September 11 happened, then the song came out 'Where were you when the world stopped turning...' For those of you that don't know the song, it's a tear jerker. but a fabulous song. What that song told us is that if you are ever going to live out a dream, do it now, because you never know when the 'Big Guy' decides that it's your turn to move on to the next life. So, we started looking for that perfect 5 acre lot...realized the 5 acres lots were just suburbia in the country, then found this wonderful little piece of heaven that we now call ACC Ranch, 100 acres, 20 miles to the closest grocery store, 5 miles of dirt road...but we DO have indoor plumbing.

There have been occasions that we have a puppy, and, for whatever reason, that puppy is a couple of years old, maybe the conformation isn't correct for breeding, or the temperament isn't right for breeding, there are MANY things that go into our decisions before we breed a dog...At which time we find a wonderful pet home for that puppy/dog.

We are a licensed breeding kennel, and, quite frankly, tired of hearing all the stuff out there about sub standard breeders. We encourage you to purchase your puppy from a licensed breeder, as that gives you some recourse in the event of a problem. This is the only job Rick & I have, our lives are dedicated to our dogs and puppies. All puppies are very well socialized.

We spend all day with our dogs and puppies, we don't have to run around in the morning before work, and the evening after work, to just clean pens...instead we do this all day! This gives us the time to really spend with puppies.

YES, we breed dogs for a living....however, this venture is not an inexpensive one, there are many costs associated with breeding, as Rick says 'We may be non profit, but not by choice'. You can find a puppy for a lesser price, however, buyer beware. You might want to look at the Why Buy from a licensed breeder section of this site.

We breed because we LOVE animals, we love making people happy (getting a wonderful puppy), we LOVE dealing with the public. There are so many reasons we breed...and dogs have taught us so much: how to live in the moment, how to be happy, how to forgive. Dogs add more to our daily lives than the average person could ever imagine.

Some of the things that make us different from other breeders are: We keep everything public, our lists, our number of will always know exactly what is happening at ACC Ranch. We know there are websites and breeders out there that don't tell you how many dogs they have, or how many puppies.......or they keep their waiting lists private (not sure why they would do that, but to each his own).

You will also notice that there is no address on our website...or a paper 'Puppy Application'....or a 'Buy Now' button....that is because we won't sell our puppies to just anyone, before you come to the ranch we must have a phone conversation. Before you put a deposit on a puppy, we must have a phone conversation....I TALK to each person that gets on one of our wait lists before they send us money, again, just to make certain puppies go to great homes. We do NOT sell to pet stores or brokers, just because we want to know where our puppies are going.....

Check out the links below, give a call or drop an email if you have any questions or if there is anyway we can help you. Meanwhile, thanks for visiting and enjoy the tour!

Let us know if you have any other questions, thank you for visiting our site.

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ACC RANCH: Assisi's Country Critters

A Tribute to St. Francis of Assisi.

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