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ACC RANCH: Assisi's Country Critters

A Tribute to St. Francis of Assisi

"My goal in life is to be the kind of person my dog thinks I am..."

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November 2016

Move completed, unpacked, painting almost done.... a few pics of our new little piece of Heaven... still have some adjusting to do... we DO miss Colorado, but are enjoying being closer to the kids and grandkids!

June 2016

We are only a couple of weeks away from this new adventure...Houses sold, new place bought...now it's just the details and preparing for the LONG road trip we are calling a caravan. 4 trucks, 4 trailers, 8 drivers and 14 dogs! We'll update the ACC Ranch Facebook page as we are on this incredible journey, and will update these pages next month. We will NOT be breeding any more in 2016...do expect to breed standard poodles, Sheepadoodles and GSP's in 2017.

Again, thank you for your support over the past 15 years, we couldn't have done it without you.

This is a 'before' picture of the ranch:

Someone just asked me to see pictures of the Ranch... I am going to try to find a picture of what ACC Ranch property looked like when we bought it 15 years ago, but here's a couple of good arials:

May 2016

It's a tough month for me... Mother's Day, the 2nd one without my Mom, and the 18th would have been her birthday. I SOOO want to call her and tell her everything that is going on in my life, but last I heard they don't have phones in Heaven.

Actually, I think she is bending our Lord's ear.... and between the 2 of them they are really making things happen. We have already sold and closed on the rental (that's where our kennel workers lived..their Dad bought the place), we close in June on our new place in MN and both of our properties where we live. We have 2 trailers packed and ready to go, have a caravan headed to MN, 4 trucks, 4 trailers and 8 drivers for that super long drive... it should be fun!

We only have the 10 dogs that we are taking with us, it's strange to be down to that few dogs, we haven't seen that in over 10 years!

That's all for now....more updates next month. Again, thank you for all of your support and prayers thru these amazing, crazy, sad, exciting new chapters and memories that we are creating!

April 2016 Updates

Well, I've always said, if you want to make God laugh, make a plan. We had a plan in place to move to Minnesota in 1 - 3 years... as of today looks like we'll be moving in June 2016. SOOO, watch the site, as we reduce dogs, if you have a deposit in and we don't produce by June we will refund your deposit...... We will no longer be accepting deposits on litters unless the litter is born.... thanks for understanding! YES, we will continue to breed in Minnesota, we'll just be smaller and take a break for awhile until we get settled. We can't take a pregnant dog or young puppies with us, too stressful on them.

March 2016 Updates:

This one will be a surprise to you, maybe as much as it is to me. We have decided to make a move, it's a pretty big move actually... we're headed to Minnesota....(did I mention I am allergic to winter). It will be a slow process, so you will see our breedings slow down gradually. We WILL continue to breed, but will not take all dogs with us on this move...we are excited about this new chapter and will certainly keep you posted.

As with any business, everything is a work in progress...

within the next few weeks these gorgeous new runs will be open... the dogs will have 40 FOOT runs to romp in.

Next year we add the yards....

June 18, 2013

The calm in the storm....SO, we're running around the area like crazy people, really trying to get all the dogs picked up. We head to the Springs to pick up 11, while we are gone, there is a pretty good (OK< really yucky) hail storm at the house.......we so get home, see all the hail, and run around checking on all the critters, unload the dogs we just picked up, and start evening chores. Rick starts yelling at me to come to the alpaca barn, so I high-tail over there......in the midst of the hail, we had a Baby Alpaca, the baby was soaked and cold, so I took of my shirt and put it on her............meet Haily BFF, named after the June 18 hail storm, after the crazy Black Forest Fire! Nothing beats stress like a baby!

June 16, 2013

... We have everything organized outside and all the animals buildings, all of our farm animals are home safe and sound, as are the cats. We have many dogs home and will be bringing more home today. If you have any of our dogs, you can bring them home. Rick will be going to Castle Rock to pick up a load or 2 today, I will head to the Springs tomorrow to pick up a bunch more...... Thursday we plan on heading to Stratton to pick up another load..... Have I mentioned how much we appreciate all of you? Once again, words CAN NOT describe our appreciation. THANK YOU

June 12, 2013

WHEW......can you say whirlwind????? All of those silly things we take for granted, communication, phones, internet, TV. hot morning coffee, showers, a place to put all of your animals....a trust every morning that you will have this 'routine' that has taken you years to perfect...... in a few simple crazy moments, all of that goes away.

Instead you are GRATEFUL for the people that have an impact on your life.....the dozens and dozens of people that have gone out of their way for you.....the people that are praying for the saftey of Rick, Kathy and all the critters at ACC Ranch.

yesterday morning was supposed to be one of those 'routine days', instead it was a day filled with humbleness (is that a word).... that so many people support you.

We are safe, we will be fine.....all the animals are safe, moved a few more around today, they were a tad (understatementA) stressed.......so by tomorrow we'll figure out the coffee thing.

OH....one thing has certainly stayed normal: I love my husband and I DO have wine.....priorities ya know.

Will TRY to post daily.....TATA for now.....keep the prayers coming to Colorado and all of the (i think now 41,000) people that have been affected by this nasty fire!

Black Forest Fire June 2013.

Ranch Updates May 31, 2013!

Meet EJ (Eddie Jr) our newest little addition to the ranch, can you say ADORABLE? He was born on May 30th and is healthy as a horse (where did THAT saying come from?) He is the son of Ellie and Eddie

Ranch Updates January 2013

As many of you know, we have struggled for the last few years finding good help, people that will love and take care of our animals as well as we do...

We finally found someone that not only takes care of the dogs, but loves them as much as we do!

Meet Tiffany, Jonathan, Myah and Noah....Myah and Noah are our new 'Puppy Socializers' and they love their job.

Here they are, taking Abbey and Bugs for a quick ride!

Jonathan is our Facilities Manager, so he takes care of the buildings, areas, runs, barns, dogs, etc.

Tiffany is our operations manager, her focus is the dogs, puppies, etc.....

So, the next time you visit you will most likely see them around the ranch, please give them a Big Colorado Welcome!

Noah and Myah also give Ranch Tours to the kids!

Ranch Updates July 2012!

Double the pleasure, double the fun!

No, these are not twins, differents Moms, born on July 5th, 2nd one born on July 6th....Meet Larry & Lexi!!!!

Can you say ADORABLE?

Ranch Updates November 2011!

OH MY GOSH...we have been SOO blessed this year....with babies, wonderful clients, and the ability to work this ranch effectiveley!

Here's our newest addition, Elbert, son of Ellie and Eddie, was born on November 5th, the same day that Misty had puppies!

Here's Elbert

It was a tad chilly out that day, so I put a T shirt on him....too funny!

One of our hobbies here at ACC Ranch is Alpacas..they are really an interesting, very social little animal. On June 18, 2011 we had another baby born, her name is Lily

Her Mom is Emily, and Dad is Leo

Notice these little ones are all leg. She weights aroung 14#!


May 2011

If you have been watching our site, you know that our puppies come in 'waves'.....we get what you call the dormitory effect since all the dogs are in the same area....WELL, it is true at ACC Ranch, if April Showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring: PUPPIES!You can see a quick overview of the puppies currently available at: ACC Available Puppies

February 20, 2011..The Ranch is open for business!!!!!

January 2011

Things they never tell you when you become a breeder....

Learn More about why we changed our Ranch Rules

October 2010!

The big barn is almost done, we should be moving the dogs back in the 2nd week of November....wish us luck keeping it this clean, but I think the dogs will be happy. It's heated, air conditioned, very well lit, we are pretty excited!

This baby, Eve, was born on the ranch in August, she is an absolute doll! We are very excited about this little one, for those of you that have been to the ranch, you know how much fun the Alpacas are for the children!!!

We're bringing in another barn, this one is for the smaller dogs: it will be spring before this project is complete, but here it is, it has been quite a job just getting it here!

This is the guys trying to figure out how to get it off the truck, with me in the background, taking the picture and threatening them with their lives if they break it.....yep, a fun day!

We are thrilled that one of our nephews from San Antonio, TX was able to visit for a few days this month ..... we LOVE visitors because they have to work (do chores) for their meals, so we get extra help. Dakota did take the time to play with Emily, our baby alpaca, and to help Rick train the Bird Dogs! A good time was had by all!

And here's Rick and Lucky taking a break!

Thanks to you, our wonderful clients that give our puppies great new homes, we are able to build the dogs a 30x50 barn.....this year is phase 1, the barn goes up, next year the septice and cement goes in, AND the dogs will get 30 foot runs. We are so excited for all of them and want to thank you for helping us create our new 'Dog House! (Which, by the way, is bigger than our home!)

Before: A Work in Progress.....

Rick, time to chill with the dogs!

Let us know if you have any other questions, thank you for visiting our site.

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ACC RANCH: Assisi's Country Critters

A Tribute to St. Francis of Assisi.

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