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Meet Simon the Standard Poodle

Hi Kathy,

I purchased Simon from you in May, 2011. At the time he was chocolate...he is now cafe au lait and beautiful.

He is the best standard poodle we have ever owned (8 in all.)

Simon is a certified therapy dog. We visit rehab centers, nursing homes, and do a "read program" at a local elementary school. I would love to send you a picture of him if you would like to see him.

Everytime someone comments on him, which is constantly, I tell them where he came from and that you have a wonderful facility if they are interested in a non-shedding pet.

We love our Simon.

Thank you and take care. Kandi

Meet Simon the Standard Poodle

Hello Kathy!

It has been a little over a year since we adopted our wonderful standard poodle, Tucker, and I wanted to send you a picture and update. (He was born 10/26/12 from Tempe and Prince, I believe).

I never thought a poodle would join our family, but I am so grateful that my misinformed prior prejudices did not prevent us from getting our Tucker.

He is wildly entertaining, sweet, kind, loving, athletic, funny and highly intelligent. We affectionately call him a "cheeky rascal" because he is so smart and a bit mischievous.

My daughters are enamored with him and he is very patient and playful with them. Tucker just loves to love...and run... and sit in the bathtub...and sit on my lap on a kayak...and play with other dogs...and cuddle...and be a part of the group.

We are CONSTANTLY told he is a gorgeous dog and everyone is surprised to hear he is a standard poodle. Every time we take him to a dog park or on a walk we are asked whether he is a GoldenDoodle.

We automatically respond, "No - he's a Stoodle." Sometimes we explain that's short for "Standard Poodle" and sometimes we leave them hanging. It's good fun.

Thank you for our wonderful family member.

Warm regards,


Meet Daisy the Standard Poodle and Ernie the Mini

Hi Kathy,

Attached is a photo of Daisy the Standard Poodle and Ernie the Mini hanging out at the park. They both go to doggy daycare daily and Daisy is used as a mentor to the new dogs that come to play because she is so sweet.

Ernie and Daisy both have the best little personalities and are so well adjusted and behaved (most of the time).

Thank you for the great dogs! They are a great addition to our family. Garth and Linda

Meet Josie the Poodle

Hi Kathy,

Got this great shot of Josie (now 2 years old) and had to pass it along...she is such a love and so fabulous!

Grew up to be about 60 lbs.

Can't thank you enough, such a gift to our family...

Thank you!


Meet Bertie the Poodle

Hi Kathy,

Just wanted to send you an update of Bertie, born 4-4-2011, from Prince and WT.

He's in great health, smart and very loving, and has even accepted our 10 month old kitten (most of the time).

Thank you!


Meet Harry the Poodle

Hi Kathy, Sorry it took so long to let you know how Harry is doing.

He is great and is just a joy.

We now know that what we love most about our F1B doodle (our son's companion) is the poodle.

We will always have a standard in our lives from here on out.

Words cannot describe the positive impact that he has had on our daughter.

He is happy ready to play 24/7 but smart and patient knowing when and who will and can play with him.

Thank you,

Andrew .

Meet Barney & Millie

Hi Kathy, How are you?

I wanted to update you on our puppy Millie and big brother Barney. Today is Barney's 3rd birthday and he continues to be a great dog.

His dog sitter calls him an "angel" for the way he handles Millie. She is a wonderful addition to our family and we love her so much.

She's really attached to all of us, great with our old cat, and overall another great child of Prince. We feel fortunate to have Prince as both Barney and Millie's Dad...they both seem to have his mellow and loving temperament.

They are also funny and fun! Thanks for breeding great dogs!

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

Lia, Mike, Barney and Millie .

Meet Kira, a Standard Poodle

Hello! Wanted to give you a quick update on Lilly's light blue collar female (think I'm going to call her Kira). She arrived at air cargo just fine Monday morning, and was soon following me around everywhere. She is happiest right under foot (or on your feet!), and my coworkers loves her (I mean, who wouldn't, right?).

Everyone comments on her gorgeous and unique coloration and how calm she is in your arms. She does great with the kennel at the clinic, but we still have some work to do on crate training at home.

Exam (from her awesome veterinarian went well. I see what you were talking about with her lower canines. Luckily they don't appear to be causing any irritation, so I plan to watch them for now and see how the adults come in.

I finally got your package on Wednesday (better late than never, I guess!). The rice sock warmer was a very nice touch that has come in handy. Maybe I missed it, but I haven't seen the AKC papers...will that come later? Hope all is going well with everyone at ACC Ranch. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!! Sharon P.S. I included a photo of our first day together.

Meet Axel, a Standard Poodle

Hi Kathy, Look at the handsome boy!

We decided to name our little man Axel..

Buckley is slowly getting used to his active brother, with a lot of posturing and putting him in his place.

Axel is respectful but has a short attention span and gets right back after it..

He's a very sweet and smart, and learning quickly.

We will keep you updated as he develops.



Meet Evie, a Standard Poodle

Hi Kathy,

Hope you had a Merry Christmas. Evie is settling in very well and has made herself completely part of the family.

She is such a sweetie, but still manages to make a nuisance of herself as puppies are very good at doing. She LOVES her big brother Moses and is pretty much his little shadow.

We just got back from the groomers and looks adorable in the little bows they put in her hair. Gotta say she sure came back extra fluffy.

Thanks again


I think they are going to be pretty good buddies !

Meet Rigby, a Standard Poodle


I wanted to give you a quick update on Rigby. He has been an AMAZING addition to the house. We could not have asked for anything more from this pup. We completed the first round of obedience training a little over a month ago and he was at the top of the class. We have taken him hiking, to our son's soccer games, long walks, through a corn maze in Greely, etc.. and he just does a fantastic job. This dog LOVES the outdoors....especially snow. I'm pretty certain that snow is his absolute favorite thing. He is very even tempered and does well w/ strangers and other animals. People are very impressed with him when they seem him.

You were right though, not many people pick up on the fact that he is a Standard. We've gotten "what poodle mix is that"(of course), "portugese water dog", "springer spaniel", "spoodle"(springer/poodle mix), etc... I even had a guy argue w/ me that he wasn't a Standard. That made me laugh. There have been literally 2 or 3 people who peg him as a standard right away and they all own multiple standards.

He is growing very quickly. At 6 months old he is now up over 50lbs w/ no signs of slowing down! We just took a 5 day trip back to Austin, TX for a wedding and our neighbor watched Rigby for us. We kept Rigby at the house and the neigbor came by to feed him, let him out, and play w/ him a few times a day. Even w/ all of that alone time in the house he has yet to chew or destroy anything.

Like I said, we couldn't be happier!! I've attached some recent pics of him so you can see how he's grown. I hope you guys are doing well and I'm so glad we found you when we were looking for a new pup!

Take care!


Meet Chloe, a Standard Poodle

Hi Kathy,

Thank you so much for Cleo. She is so sweet and we are totally in love with her. Here is a picture of Amelia walking Cleo on her first day of Kindergarten.

We will send more pictures as she grows--you were right, everyone that meets her comments on her beautiful coat color *and* at how well adjusted she is.

With love and kindness.

Lindsey Moishe and Amelia

Meet Auggie, a Standard Poodle

Hi Kathy, As of last night Augie (registered as Augustus 'Augie' Roeder) is now comfortable with us and is a 'proper' playful pup. (He found a speaker cord and the one pair of shoes that we forgot to put away!)

He already knows how to walk on a leash, he stops at the edge of the road and when I say 'go' he starts walking. He can also go upstairs now, the downstairs bit still intimidates him though. :-) We're off to the vet this afternoon and getting in touch with dog trainers this morning.



Meet Bertie, a Standard Poodle

Hi Kathy

Just a note to let you know that Bertie is doing great: growing and having a good life. I've attached a photo.

He starts good manners training next week, and I know he'll be a star. He's a very smart dog, and loves people and other dogs. He weighs 22 lbs at 4- 1/2 months. His nickname is "Black Thunder" because that's they way he looks and sounds as he runs across our hardwood floors to wake us up at 5:30 every morning.

Thanks again.


Meet Theophilus, a Standard Poodle

Dear Kathy and Rick,

Seeing all the awsome puppies in the last e-mail from ACC Ranch made me want to let you know that Theophilus is doing well. We see him maturing in many ways.

What a wonderful addition to our family he is! He is full of energy and very loving. He and I walk 3-4 miles most days.

Hardly a day goes by that someone stops us and asks "What kind of dog is that?".

It seems that most people aren't familiar with Partis. I sure wasn't until we started looking for our standard poodle.

We also hear almost daily comments about how beautiful he is. I'm attaching a couple current photos.

Doesn't he look great!


Ron and Cathie

Meet Nellie, a Standard Poodle

Hi Kathy

I just wanted to send a quick note and pictures. Nellie is doing great! Her legs are really getting long and very springy! She checked out just fine at the vets the Monday after we brought her home. BTW, she slept all the way home from your place, a 1 1/2 hour drive. We have her enrolled in a puppy preschool that's held at the Vet Clinic which is the Deer Creek Animal Hospital it Littleton. They also have a puppy recess every Sunday morning which is unstructured. Both are very safe since the Vet OK's that they're healthy and current on shots.

The good news is that she's healthy and seems to love all dogs and all people. I call her Brave Nellie because she doesn't seem to be afraid of anything!

She is willful though ( I wouldn't exactly call that bad news) and will require strong leadership from us, but I think we're up to the task.

Anyhow Nathan and I want to thank you again for giving Nellie such a good start in life. You did a fantastic job! Everyone that meets her says she is beautiful and we think so too!

Take care,

Valerie and Nathan

Meet Coco, a Standard Poodle

Hey Kathy, miss me yet? All is well... here are a few pics of the most beautiful standard poodle...and the most well behaved..

.in 2 weeks she now sits, gives her paw, does down and goes to the back door when she wants to go to potty..she even uses her paw to move the handle to go out!

What a good girl!

here's one of a few pics...maybe you can use them for your website?

Here's a standard poodle at the Jersey Shore!

Take care,


Meet Stella, a Standard Poodle

Hi Kathy,

Wanted to send you an update on Stella. She is just over 5 months old now and about 40lbs. She's all legs and cute as could be. These pictures are from right after the groomers, bows and all. She's been real blessing to us and we still can't thank you enough for having such awesome poodles at the ranch.

We get so many compliments on her. People actually stop in their cars and when we are out for walks just to ask what kind of dog she is. We are told at least 2-3 times a week what a beautiful dog we have. Mostly they compliment her big personality, she is really sweet and very funny. One of her favorite places in the house is the bathtub. She loves water and she will hang out in the tub just waiting for us to turn on the water.

Talk to you soon,


Meet Jenna, a Standard Poodle

Hi Kathy!

I just wanted to send you a brief update on our standard poodle puppy that we adopted from you. We have named her Jenna. She settled right in and is making herself at home. She's doing well with crate training and housebreaking. Everywhere I've taken her, we get tons of compliments and everyone comments on her calm and sweet temperament for an 11 week old puppy. Her vet visit was Wednesday and everything was fine there, too.

I'm attaching a couple pictures of her from her first days here for you to see. Jenna has made a friend in the 8-month-old sheepadoodle puppy who lives in the house behind ours...and I found out from talking to our neighbor, Kristy, that the puppy, Willow, is also an ACC Ranch puppy! Kristy said to tell you how pleased they are with Willow, that she has calmed down from her initial puppy hyperness and is a great member of their family. Once Jenna gets a little bigger, we'll let them play together but right now they play and exchange kisses through the fence. The yellow lab who lives next door even brought Jenna a Kong-bone "Welcome to our neighborhood" present yesterday - how sweet is that?!!!

Thanks for everything!


Meet Finnigan, the Standard Poodle

(that must be a popular name with Poodles!)

Hi Kathy!

Hi Kathy, Finnigan is doing super well!

We’re having a lot of fun with him.

We start Puppy Kindergarten tomorrow (Saturday).

I attached a couple of pics of Finnigan with my younger boys Quin (4) and Will (19 months). Finn is getting lots of attention!



Meet Finnegan, the Sable Tuxedo Standard Poodle

Hi Kathy!

The little pistol is doing great. Five days and no mistakes in the apartment. He is rambunctious and wonderful. I went and picked up the lovebirds and am wheezing like a steam-train. Will have to give them up and it will break my heart but am grateful for Finn.

He has had 2 visits with a trainer and we are working on off-leash stuff. He is ENORMOUS and a clown and wonderful. We finished puppy shots this week too.

He is fine with the birds flying around and Stuart even landed on him and he put up with it. I moved pretty fast on that one. We are all doing great.

Kevin says hello and we are sending you hugs and joy and hugs. Will send more photos as he grows and grows and grows..... hehe.




Meet Fenway, the Poodle

Hi Kathy I keep meaning to send you an update on Fenway the "super" poodle for awhile. We adopted Fenway from you the week before christmas last year, so he is a little over one year old. I have attached pictures of the big boy for you. As you can see he has some friends, but his favorite is Cooper. He likes to sit on him. .

Fenway has been amazing, thank you so much, he is so smart and I have managed to turn our 70 pound poodle into a lap dog, yes a lap dog. he loves to sit in your lap. He does not realize that he is to big to be a lap dog, he just loves to sit in your lap. He also loves going for his walks. He has memorized where all the dogs are located on his walk, and speeds up so he can get to them quicker to say hello. The thing he loves most though, is sleeping on the bed, he stretches out, takes up all the space, and gets huffy when you kick him off. We all know who is king of our household. Thanks again for giving us such a great dog!!! Take care Jenni and Justin

Meet Stella, the Standard Poodle

Hey Kathy,

Just wanted to give you an update on Stella. She is doing great in her new home. We absolutely love her! We met with the vet on Wed. and all went well.

She is doing so good. Potty training is coming along and she is doing great with sit and down. She's SO smart. She even found her way out of the gated kitchen, she's quite the escape artist. We have her trapped now with a few reinforcements.

Can't thank you enough for providing us with such a great puppy. She's Awesome!! We say that everyday. We'll keep you posted,

Sadie and Chad

Meet Webster, the Poodle

Hi Kathy,

Webster is now 67 pounds, stands 29 inches at the shoulder, and is a charming and friendly sort. The vet says he has the heart of a marathoner (slow, even in the vet's office) and is well muscled and absolutely healthy.

By this time next year I hope to have him certified as a therapy dog. He is VERY friendly and very gentle with old dogs and old people.

I love getting your poodle updates and would love to get Webster a companion when I decide what I am going to be doing next year and where I am going to be doing it!

Thanks for breeding such a great dog!


Jack & Nala, Standard Poodles

Hi Kathy! I am sending you some recent pictures of Jack and Nala.

They are doing really well -- Jack got to 80 pounds (like you predicted) a couple of months ago and now I am cutting his chow back just a bit so he doe not get too heavy. He looks fabulous! So black you can hardly see his face!

Nala is 60 pounds and a real live wire! Everyone who sees her is enchanted with her coloring -- very exotic! We still want to come out to visit but don't know when. I will be in touch. I have enjoyed keeping up with the activities at ACC via your web site -- those puppies sure are cute!

Hope you are having a good start to 2010!


Gingersnap, the Standard Poodle

Hi Kathy & Rick!

Just wanted to say hi and send some updated photos of Ginger Snap! She is four months old now and doing great!

We found a great Boarding Kennel/Doggie Day Care very close to us (also where she was groomed), and Ginger has gone to the Doggie Day Care a couple of times and really enjoyed it.

We're just getting her prepared for when we need to be out of town. She is also attending "Puppy School" at PetsMart and doing well - we like the teacher a lot!

Hope you are all doing well!

Len & Colleen

Zelda the Standard Poodle

Hi Kathy,

Just wanted you to know that Zelda (black female from Liberty and Buster) is doing great.

She went to her first puppy class last night and it went fine---she knows several commands already. She seems more people oriented than puppy oriented right now---but that's probably because she has met a lot more people that puppies. I can take her to work with me, so she gets lots of socialization. There were 2 goldendoodles there from down by you!

I've attached a picture from the week after we brought her home, when it was so cold!

She is a great dog===very smart and loving and a total cutie!

Deane and Greg

Meet Boomer

Hi Kathy

This is an update on your 'grandchild' whom we named 'Boomer'. he is a delight. he is smart, cute, funny, not afraid or fearful, like our schnauzer was. He doesnt whine or bark when we put him in the crate. He is making steady progress on the housetraining. Today was the first day without an accident. I will be glad when his adult teeth come in and he stops being such a biter. This evening he was chewing on a chunk of granite for 10 minutes before I caught on. He is bigger everyday. he weighs 13 lbs. now, probably doubled in size since I picked him up on Nov. 25.,, yesterday there were some deer close by, I was relieved that he didnt chase them, and surprised when he pointed on them. We are very happy with him, and he seems happy and totally at ease with us.

Tom and Georgina from Monument, CO

Meet Molly

She is about 9 lbs! Doing so great, getting lots of play time & sleeping in between. Last night was great, she slept in her kennel next to our bed with the door open. I propted it up so I could see right into the kennel. She has been going potty outside, one one accident on the floor(so far...) Her poops are normal too - Do you love all the details?!?!? heheh

Have a Great Day!

Keep making more wonderful Pups!

Meet Good Golly Miss Molly!

Hi Kathy,

I thought that I would update you on Good Golly Miss Molly! What a name! Anyway Molly is doing very well. She is definatly a BIG girl, at 8 months she stood 25? tall and weighed 58 pounds! Please tell me she is going to stop growing!!!

We have a neighbor dog that likes to come and visit and they play for hours together. They are close in size and energy level. We have gone to puppy school and she did very well.........


Meet Mac

Hi..... Just wanted to let you know that Mac "Mackenzie of Desert Ridge" is doing fine. He just turned one. Mac is the standard black with the white patch on his chest. He now stands 26" at the shoulder and weighs 75 pounds. Mac is still a puppy and gets into the usual puppy trouble. He has a great attitude toward life, every day is a party for him. He goes to the dog park every day and everyone knows Mac the friendly poodle. We are together almost 24/7 and go most every where together. As you can see I'm very attached to Mac. On Sundays we have a group of standard poodle owners that get together, 12 to 15 standards are there, and I must say I think Mac is one of the best looking dogs there. He has all the traits a good stand should have plus he's so friendly.

Thanks for selling me such a great poodle. I'd recommend your kennel to anyone.


Jack Green Valley , Arizona

Meet Barney

Dear Kathy,

Hi! How are you? I hope this Spring finds you well and happy. I wanted to update you on Barney and send you some pics.

He's a great dog and so loving. He recently graduated from puppy class and is going on to intermediate. He loves everyone and other dogs. He's trying to love our two cats but we have to keep them separated as one cat has become very athritic and won't tolerate him. He's still very puppy and a little to excited for our very old cats.

When the cats have gone to that big cat place in the sky, we'll be back to see you for a sibling for Barney. Standard poodles ROCK!!!

Take care and let me know how you're doing. We'd like to bring Barney out for a visit sometime this summer.

Best, Lia (and Mike and Barney)

Meet Riley

Hi there!

Pat and I just wanted to give you an update on our beautiful 9 month old Riley. He truly is the joy of our lives and has turned into such a wonderful dog.

He graduated from Dog obedience in January with flying colors. He plays daily, loves long hikes in the mountains and loves to curl up on the recliner next to whomever happens to be there.

I have attached a couple of photos of Riley so you could see just how beautiful he as turned out. He weights about 75 lbs and is about 25 inches tall at the shoulder...a very large young man.

We just really wanted to say thanks so much for bringing him into our lives...he really is a joy!

Thanks again...enjoy the photos.

Gail, Estes Park CO

Meet Guines

Kathy...Guines is just AWESOME!!!

We took Guinnes to the dog park today. She is shy but getting better.

Well, she showed just how much she loves Xander today. This boxer puppy with no manners what so ever came running at her and tried bitting and tackling her; she of course ran and tried to hide behind me. The owner came and took him away. Xander comes walking over to me and the dog comes running full force at him and knocks him over. He got a few scrapes.

I picked him up and told him it was o.k. and put him back down after he calmed down a bit. The dog comes back and tries getting after him again. Guinness stepped in front of Xander and took the blow just to save Xander. She did this 4 different times, even though she was scared of this dog herself she didn't want Xander to get hurt again.

She is just a great dog, and thank you for letting us adopt her.



Kathy: Sorry it has taken me so long to write you. Well doesn't our little boy look great after his first haircut!Harley Dude (D-Blue collar) is a wonderful little boy and doing just fine at our home in Fruita. Harley is about 25 pounds now and almost as big as a cocker. Harley has had 3 puppy training lessons at Petsmart so far and is the smartest puppy in the class, but we are somewhat prejudice. Next week he goes for his first hair cut. We are pretty sure that will go fine because you have trimmed his face a couple of times before we got him. We will send more pictures as he get older. Maybe one after his first hair cut. Thanks, Frank

Hi Kathy, Fiyero has turned into the most handsome guy. He is very large, I think probably bigger than his mom and Dad! but he is the gentlest, sweetest dog I have ever meet. We are so in love with him. If you ever get to see your mom in Westminster, you have to come visit as he is GORGEOUS!!!! By the way he learned to swim at the dog park pond in Louisville on Sunday. Went totally under after a ball, except the tip of his tail and came up with the ball and brought it back to us! He had everyone around in stitches, he is really precious! And huge! Thanks, Lannie

Hi Kathy, Dupree is such a great dog! He is the most gentle natured thing and we love him like crazy. He is so smart and has been a joy to have in our home. I thought you might like a couple new pictures of him...This one is a few weeks ago, but I love it. Our cat Ramona thinks it is her job to bathe the dog! Janae, Colorado

Kathy, Sorry it has taken so long to hear frome me, I know your wondering how your baby is doing? Well I will first tell you she is a blessing....We love her so much, I think it was meant to be. I looked for a long time here in florida in the newspaper week after week, then went on line and found you and your wonderful family. The day she flew in we went to petsmart to get a few things, and dropped her off in the groomers and got 2 pink bows one on each ear, and pink toenails, she was such a hit in there, almost didnt get her back! I would walk by while I was shopping and take a peak, she was just sitting there letting them do her feet like a pedicure... My husband is bonding with her also, she has been riding around with him to in the truck. When I do laundry, I open the dryer door, and she puts her to front paws up there and just watches while I fold them. She is quite a little lady. Gone through a few names, but nothing has stuck yet guess when it hits me I will let you know. Just want to thank you again, for all the emails and pictures over the weeks, it sure does not do them justice, she truly is a beautiful dog. Soon as I figure out how to send pictures they are comming. Just another day or two. Anyway I will stay in touch dont mean to bend your ear, I am just so impressed with my new baby, I just want you to know you have a gift and do a wonderful thing touching people through you puppies. Thanks again talk to you soon,

Lisa in Florida

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Before we begin the animal tour, please allow me to pay tribute to my dear nephew, Neal,

on behalf of his widow, Chelsie, and his 2 daughters, Rylee and Addison.

Click below to see a slide show of Neal's life.

We miss him dearly.

I couldn't resist, this is pink collar now named Alexis, with her new brother, Shady.. it's almost like they are sticking their tongues out, laughing at us in the cold weather (they are in Florida) ....Donna, thanks for the picture, it's too cute!

This is Olive, now named Dupree, with his new family member and best friend, Jack: They both look pretty intense about something out there!

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Okay, I confess, around our place, the animals rule! Below you will see pictures, all taken on our ranch, which shows many of our fat and sassy pets and livestock. We seem to have a little of everything, and they are all healthy and happy, and totally spoiled. Everyone here jumps when the animals call!

Our grandaughter, Shakyra, with the horses

Let us know if you have any other questions, thank you for visiting our site.

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